Yapper: New tools to build iPhone apps

Yapper: New tools to build iPhone apps

Summary: At Macworld 2010, Sachmanya co-founder Chintu Parikh demos Yapper, a new do-it-yourself software program that allows developers to create an iPhone app without knowing any programming code.


Topics: Smartphones, Apps, Hardware, iPhone, Mobility

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  • I guess I'm missing something

    $99 to add an RSS feed to an RSS reader? And this is called "app
    development"? I can do it for free with NetNewsWire and Google Reader.

    What am I missing?
  • RE: Yapper: New tools to build iPhone apps

    WTF...this is not an application development tool...it is just a feed forwarding tool...give me a break!
  • RE: Yapper: New tools to build iPhone apps

    Thats exactly what I was thinking. $99 for a RSS feed
    they are calling an Application is crazy. I figured there
    must be a an easy way to make this.
    Besides who is going to pay $1 or $2 to download your RSS
    Feed App? Good luck breaking even on this one.
  • Hopefully, this is the first step ...

    ... in a new high-level approach to app-building. I have
    looked at all the low-level stuff necessary, and even as a
    relatively experienced programmer, have given up. For me the
    options are: 1. a new high-level language app or 2. pay
    someone else to produce!
  • RE: Yapper: New tools to build iPhone apps

    Yes. You are missing it. As a publisher I don't want Google or other reader apps or developers to make money off my content while giving me a very little credit. Here I can not only brand my content with my artwork but also present in it in a manner that I would like to present to my users and I can make money with advertising that I keep for myself.
  • RE: Yapper: New tools to build iPhone apps

    Uhhh - it builds dedicated RSS feed pages? How is that an "App"?

    Is real news that slow? Did you guys actually vet this before you posted it?

    I want my 15 minutes back!