ZDNet users: Congratulations on 20 years

ZDNet users: Congratulations on 20 years

Summary: Through Skype video conferencing, ZDNet readers from around the world congratulate ZDNet on 20 years of Internet publishing. Users offer up their favorite parts of the site and what ZDNet can do to improve.


Topics: Social Enterprise, Browser, Collaboration

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  • RE: ZDNet users: Congratulations on 20 years

    I was on my third computer then, an AST 386DX with "2 megabytes of RAM" and a 90 meg hard drive. Each meg cost $900! The first was a TI-PC, the 2nd was an ALR. I became the computer guru for all my friends and PC Mag kept me in the know.
    Terry R.
  • RE: ZDNet users: Congratulations on 20 years

    In 1991 I was working in southern England on the roll out for GSM mobile phones.The most powerful machines we had were DEC VAXes, both clustered and unclustered. There were a sprinkling of DOS PCs but as they didn't "talk" DECnet were basically dumb serial terminals that could store the serial I/O and be used to read the specs we were using. Most of the telecomms engineers didn't use the PCs and were too busy looking for the tape drives (in those days exchanges were still loaded from reel to reel). Oh the joy and fun we had back then. In the house I had an AT clone (1Mb RAM, 100Mb disk, 8Mhz) connected to my Yamaha D4000 via a midi interface and spent many happy hours annoying my family with weird sounds! The kids had my old BBC B and all it's sidecars running CP/M-86 which also had a Motorola modem for contacting bulletin boards (UK only). Oh the joy of it all. Well done on your 20th hopefully we'll all be here in another 20!
  • RE: ZDNet users: Congratulations on 20 years

    ZD Net, congratulations! I think I've been with you about 18 years and have changed Email address a couple of times since. How things have changed since the bad old days of Cobol and having to make our own programs with Basic... Nowadays everything is so easy... thanks to people like you, at ZD Net.
  • RE: ZDNet users: Congratulations on 20 years

    I have been religiously following zdnet to keep up with the latest buzz and it has never let me down. Must have been fun 'cause I never even noticed that so many years have passed by. Keep up the great work.
  • RE: ZDNet users: Congratulations on 20 years

    Having been with ZDNet the day she was born; then she bore offsprings and signed up for everything under the sun! I can remember the years ago, when ZDNet, options were limited (so it were with everything else); indeed technology has improved. If one could - go to the "Way Back Machine" - you would find the old ZDNet (a few) from the "Good Old Days" what ZDNet used to look like; quite a contrast to today! (Remember, you won't see everything as it is limited but at least you'll have a glimpse, BLAST FROM THE PAST!)

    Thanks ZDNET for the wonderful 20 years, even yourselves have progressed over the years, "Happy Anniversary"!
    Awahili Guni
  • RE: ZDNet users: Congratulations on 20 years

    I started using zdnet in 1997 to look for free and cheap software. I usually find something that I can use wether it be software or computer articles on new devices. Keep up the good work for the next 20 years.
    Curt P.
  • RE: ZDNet users: Congratulations on 20 years

    Twenty years ago I was a SysOp of a FidoNet BBS node number 105/5, Portland, OR. I was running my board on a Compaq 8088 portable with 2 360k 5 1/4" disk drives... not exactly a big system even back then. It was a labor of love of computers. I finally bought a 300 meg used HD from a east coast college and could finally have some fun! That 300 baud modem was a tad slow and I marveled at that huge speed increase when I bought that new 1200 baud speedster. The 5 inch green screen didn't do much for graphics, but in a text based DOS operating system, we didn't need no stinking graphics!!! I think the only program I had for entertainment was Microsoft's first version of Flight Simulator that I got from a friend. Never did play it much....too busy BBS'ing!! Congrats on 20 years ZDNet!! Got you beat by a few years, but glad to have had you around when things started getting a bit more interesting.