Vietnamese campaigners targeted in cyberattacks

Vietnamese campaigners targeted in cyberattacks

Summary: Dissident Vietnamese bloggers, protesting against a project with Chinese links, were the target of botnet attacks, Google and McAfee have discovered

TOPICS: Security

Cyberattacks were recently used to intimidate opponents of a mining project in Vietnam with ties to China, according to Google and McAfee.

Malware that was disguised as a popular Vietnamese-language keyboard driver for Windows users was used to create a botnet, according to blog posts from Google's Neel Mehta and McAfee chief technical officer George Kurtz.

That botnet was then used to target blogs rallying against a bauxite mining project in Vietman, employing DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks to shut down those blogs, according to the posts.

For more on this story, see Vietnamese dissidents targeted by botnet attacks on CNET News.

Topic: Security

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