Vint Cerf in Google recruitment drive

Vint Cerf in Google recruitment drive

Summary: The networking pioneer is to tour the UK in a bid to recruit coders for the search giant


One of the founding fathers of the Internet will tour the UK to recruit engineers for Google.

Vint Cerf will be visiting universities around the country in support of Google's recruitment drive. Cerf was hired by Google in September as an Internet evangelist.

Google admitted that it was having difficulties recruiting developers and would be targeting students and engineers.

"We are actively recruiting engineers in London for our new R&D centre," Google told ZDNet UK. "Vint Cerf is here in London to support that drive and will be visiting a number of universities to stimulate interest among students. Engineering is at the very heart of what we do at Google — we use innovative technology to help solve complex problems," it continued.

"The great paradox of the digital world is that as more and more information comes online, the harder it becomes for people to find what they want. By using the best engineering talent available Google ensures that users can find the most relevant information, and communicate it to their family, friends and colleagues," Google added.

Google's London-based European R&D centre opened in November 2005.

The GooglePlex hosts an engineering office, and functions as a strategic centre where the company can develops new ideas. It is also helping Google in its expansion into Europe.

Omid Kordestani, vice-president of business development and sales for Google, told ZDNet UK in November that Google was keen to expand its global reach.

"Thirty percent of our revenues come from outside the US. My aim is to get it to the same level as our usage, which is 50," Kordestani said.

Kordestani added that Google was particularly interested in benefiting from the UK's wireless expertise, describing it as "light years ahead of the US". Google told ZDNet UK it would also be recruiting wireless experts.

Cerf is known as an Internet founding father for his role in developing packet switching networks and TCP/IP.

ZDNet UK's Andrew Donoghue contributed to this report.

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