Virgin's Wi-Fi on the Tube: How good is it?

Virgin's Wi-Fi on the Tube: How good is it?

Summary: Six London Underground stations now have free Wi-Fi access for the summer, provided by Virgin Media. ZDNet UK went down in the Tube stations at midday to find out whether the service works and what kind of speeds can you expect

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  • London Underground Virgin Wi-Fi splash login

    Virgin Media has begun switching on its free Wi-Fi service for the London Underground, part of a plan to provide access at more than 80 stations this summer, when the city hosts the Olympic Games.

    The first stations — King's Cross and Warren Street — got connected on Thursday, followed by Oxford Circus and Green Park on Friday, and Victoria and Euston on Saturday.

    On Monday, ZDNet UK went hands-on with the Wi-Fi at those stations, to see what kind of speeds Virgin is delivering.

    The first stop was King's Cross. On the platform, we tried connecting to the service for the first time. Scanning for the network name 'Virgin Media Wi-Fi' connected the device to the network and launched the splash login screen (pictured), where people must register an email address to use the service.

    Credit: Ben Woods

  • London Underground Virgin Wi-Fi provides tube line status updates

    Once you're registered and logged on, you see the default home page. This is Virgin Media's portal, but with the addition of a Twitter ticker at the bottom of the screen showing status updates and delays for London Underground lines.

    Credit: Ben Woods

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