Visiting London for the Olympics? There's an iOS app for that

Visiting London for the Olympics? There's an iOS app for that

Summary: The summer Olympic Games will be taking place in London in just a few short days, filling the capital with crowds. Here's a list of free iPhone and iPad apps to help visitors get around, manage their data and have a good time


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  • Citymapper London

    It's unlikely, but you may be unaware that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be taking place in London in just a few short days, turning the capital into a jostling mass of tourists and locals.

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    With that in mind, ZDNet has put together a list of mobile apps for people visiting the city this summer, whether they're going to the Games or not. And so no one feels excluded, we've made sure they all run with iOS 4 (or newer) devices. They're mostly all free, so what have you got to lose?

    Citymapper London

    There's no shortage of apps on iOS that can get you around London with a minimum of fuss — including Google Maps. However, if Google isn't what you want, consider Citymapper London.

    Citymapper London is the place to start if you've really got no idea where you're going or what the best way is to get there.

    Pop in your destination address, and it will give you a variety of routes to get you to where you're going. It will also offer up some useful general info about the journey.

    For example, finding the best way to get from the ZDNet offices to the Olympic Park in Stratford was simple. The app told us that it would take about 45 minutes on a bus or tube and how much that would cost.

    The walking or cycling instructions give details about how many calories you will burn along the way.

    Once you select a method of transport, it switches to the map view and tells you where to make your connections.

  • Tube map

    Tube Map

    Unlike some other London Underground maps, Tube Map doesn't need a Wi-Fi or data network to keep you on the move.

    It offers directions and departure times of the next Tube trains. Plus, it will give you information about surrounding stations, such as whether that location is open or closed, or running a disrupted service.

    However, unlike some other apps, there is no bus direction details integrated into Tube Map. You can get that information by downloading its partner app, Bus London.

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