VMware and LG team up on mobile virtualisation

VMware and LG team up on mobile virtualisation

Summary: The companies will seek to incorporate virtualisation technology into smartphones, to address the challenge of employees who access corporate sites through different devices

TOPICS: Virtualization

VMware and LG Electronics have teamed up to bring virtualisation technology to smartphones, according to a VMware executive.

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Under the deal, virtualisation specialist VMware will work on ways to incorporate the technology into LG's handsets in a bid to provide flexible, platform-agnostic user access, while safeguarding corporate data. Srinivas Krishnamurti, senior director for mobile solutions at VMware, said the tie-up is meant to address the increasing challenges faced by IT professionals who can no longer dictate the type of mobile devices employees use to access corporate data.

During a conference call briefing on Tuesday, the executive pointed out that, with the rising popularity of handsets like Apple's iPhone and various Android-based smartphones among office workers, IT administrators have to find a way to provision secure access to company data for the myriad devices.

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Topic: Virtualization

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  • This comment has been taken from Steve Subar's Blog- he is the CEO of OK Labs, the world's leading mobile virtualization provider: "It’s clear from their announcement that VMware is trying to build bridges to mobile from VMware enterprise software. Our conversations with handset OEMs, operators and also enterprise customers tell us clearly that our silicon-up approach is the right one. By contrast, VMware is shoe-horning server and desktop virtualization technology onto smartphones, exposing these increasingly business-critical devices to multiple security threats, sapping performance and consuming precious memory and battery resources. In particular, MVP is very large (it contains all of Linux), consuming both RAM and storage and presenting a massive attack surface for malware; its dependence on file encryption leaves it open to system-level exploits; and it is open to denial-of-service attacks by rogue Android applications.
    Approaching mobile security by starting with enterprise software presents additional challenges. VMware sees mobile virtualization only “as a means to … allow software to address existing enterprise issues” (VMware’s Krishnamurti). At OK Labs, we believe that mobile virtualization should also enable a better user experience for mobile workers while meeting their employers’ demands for security.
    Enterprise Mobility = Mobility + Enterprise
    Sorry VMware, enterprise capabilities and sensibilities alone are not enough. To deploy devices usable in the real world, you need technology that supports both underlying mobility requirements and enterprise applications.
    Moreover, VMware, like other large software vendors, works hard to dominate markets in which it plays, and does the same in each installation it wins. The company has been very successful with VMware-centric solutions in data centers and Cloud installations, but is ill suited to support the diverse hardware (dozens of processors and hundreds of handsets), multiple software platforms, (Android, Brew, Linux, MeeGo, Symbian, Windows, etc.) and multivendor stacks that characterize mobile/wireless.
    By contrast, OK Labs is vendor-neutral and ecosystem friendly as we go to market together with our OEM and enterprise customers. Most importantly, OK Labs approach to Enterprise Mobility builds on a strong track record in mobile/wireless - 1.1 billion deployments to date. With shipping mobile system software and mobile security solutions OK Labs can boast real first-mover advantage.
    So welcome, VMware, to the challenging world of Enterprise Mobility. Now all you have to do is deliver.
    OK Labs