VMware expands validated desktop portfolio

VMware expands validated desktop portfolio

Summary: The virtualization powerhouse plans to leverage the expansion to appeal to workplaces with sensitive IT demands and a growing remote workforce.


VMware has broadened its validated desktop portfolio to include new features that address a range of vertical industries. The virtualization powerhouse plans to leverage the expansion to appeal to workplaces with sensitive IT demands and a growing remote workforce.  

Citing a memo by President Obama that mandated more telework and flexible work schedules for federal employees, VMware's VP of product marketing Erik Frieberg said federal agencies are just one segment out of the wide range of industries requiring secure desktop environments for offsite workers.

VMware's Federal Secure Desktop solution for the Federal Government is just one example of how our broad portfolio of vertical solutions can help organizations achieve their mandate efficiently and securely. By working closely with customers across industries, we understand the various IT challenges they encounter every day, and can accelerate their desktop modernization initiatives using our tested and validated solutions.

Key features in each segment include:

  • Education – An updated VMware Secure Online Testing that complies with the Common Core State Standards Initiative with minimal IT resources and disruption.
  • Federal Government – An updated VMware Federal Secure Desktop enables compliance with the Federal Telework Initiative and meet the demands of agencies requiring high levels of data protection.
  • Financial Services - The AlwaysOn Financial Workplace solution enables a more mobile workforce while complying with regulations around data privacy by keeping client information in the data center, in case of lost or stolen devices.
  • Healthcare - The VMware Care Systems Analytics can monitor the health and performance of the entire EMR clinical system environment, from the infrastructure to the point of care.
  • Manufacturing - The VMware High Performance Desktop with 3-D solution can deliver workstation level performance while enabling secure collaboration.


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  • Per the Federal Employees

    I have no problem with federal employees getting some of the benefits that the private sector enjoys but with that it should be coupled with the fact that we do not get pensions and are (for 99% of white collar workers) are do not participate in collective bargaining.

    Give them our private sector perks but put them on 401Ks and do away with collective bargaining (only enacted in 1962 by exec. order anyway). If you're good, you will get your raises and if not than quit and come join us in the private sector.
    Rann Xeroxx