VMware partner adds disaster recovery service

VMware partner adds disaster recovery service

Summary: Indianapolis-based Bluelock offers two different services: One meant for its existing cloud hosting customers, the other targeted at businesses seeking a cloud-based option for on-site virtual datacenters.

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VMware cloud partner Bluelock, which specializes in hosting virtual datacenters based on the vCloud infrastructure, has added another recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) option.

The company now offers two types of RaaS services. Its "In-Cloud" option is targeted at existing Bluelock customers that manage their datacenter and applications within the Bluelock cloud. Its "To-Cloud" option is meant for organizations that use VMware-virtualized environments that are hosted at their own facilities, but that are seeking a VMware-compatible option that offers off-site redundancy.

Both options are compatible with VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud. They are based on Zerto Virtual Replication.

Bluelock is one of eight service providers designated as vCloud Datacenter Services partners. The other companies in the program are AT&T, Colt, CSC, Dell Services, Optus, SingTel, and Softbank.

Topics: Cloud, Channel

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  • Extremely brief article with little value.

    Maybe a little bit more details on this technology and vendor would have made the article of some value.