Vodafone officially confirms iPhone price leak

Vodafone officially confirms iPhone price leak

Summary: Mobile carrier Vodafone Australia has confirmed portions of an advance leak of pricing information for its local iPhone 3G launch on Friday morning are accurate.


Mobile carrier Vodafone Australia has confirmed portions of an advance leak of pricing information for its local iPhone 3G launch on Friday morning are accurate.

The carrier posted the pricing plans on its website this morning, but they were quickly removed and have since been the subject of intense speculation on whether they were real. They can be found online in text form on the CNET.com.au forums here.

A Vodafone Australia spokesman this afternoon told ZDNet.com.au that the first of the two leaked pages was very close to what the carrier was likely to release when it officially published its iPhone plans, likely early on Thursday morning. The carrier had previously been planning to publicly release the plans today.

The first page features an AU$69 monthly capped plan for the iPhone 3G, including an up-front price of AU$189 for the 8GB model or AU$309 for the 16GB model. The plan would include AU$310 worth of phone calls and SMS messages combined with 250MB of data per month.

A second capped plan for AU$99, with 500MB of data and a sizable increase in talk and SMS value sees the 8GB iPhone still selling for an additional AU$99, but the 16GB model's up-front price has been reduced to AU$219.

Vodafone also includes several higher-cost plans, ranging up to AU$169 monthly, where buyers can get the 8GB model for no up-front cost, although they will still pay AU$89 for the 16GB model.

However, the spokesman emphasised Vodafone would offer options where buyers could get the iPhone for no up-front cost and instead pay off the handset over a 24-month period for a much smaller price, for example AU$4.13 per month extra on an AU$99 per month plan for the 8GB model.

But the Vodafone spokesman backed away from confirming the veracity of the second leaked page, which details a range of "jumbo cap" contracts from AU$29 per month up to AU$149 per month. They described the information contained on the page as "not fully baked".

Vodafone will hold a 200-person iPhone launch at Regimental Square in Wynyard, Sydney, in addition to other events in capital cities around the nation. Telstra and Optus are also planning to sell the iPhone locally, although only Optus has fully released its pricing plans thus far.

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  • Big company acting like amateurs..

    I can't believe how badly Vodafone have handled this. The iPhone might not have the best margins (hopefully!) but there's so much hype = a lot of free publicity and goodwill if they had done it properly. A half-baked leak and then taking a day to confirm it.. it's just sloppy. Hopefully they redeem themselves with unlimited data!
  • Hyped out

    Hugely disappointing...

    Looks like Optus will win out after all, and a whole bunch of early adopters will be foregoing a first day phone to see if they can get it on to a reasonable data plan (Three/Virgin) instead.
  • Pre Paid

    And no mention of Pre Paid, Fail
  • Data?

    Why is data so expensive in this country? Even Canada now gets 6GB of data on it's high end plans. Come-on Vodafone, Optus and Telstra! Give us more data allowance!
  • I would sack the marketing department

    If I was running Vodafone, it would be time to question the abilities of my marketing department to capitalise on all the hype of this device. At least as a min match Optus, forget Telstra they will always have the worst offeriing, but to come out with something worse on a 2 years basis than Optus and Telstra go figure. Maybe someone with some brains at Vodafone, said you better pull those ads. One day to go, and no pricing yet, are they determined to make sure that those that are first cabs off the rank go to the competitors, why. Apple has created the demand, this is stuff money cant buy, those costomer that switch to you may be yours for a very long time, (See why Telstra keep so many), so make the best of it
  • Telstra iPhone

    At least with Telstra you can use any of its wireless hotspots around the country free and unlimited with your iPhone. :)

    And before you wonder where these might be, there's one in every McDonalds, Starbucks, etc......

    Who needs a data plan :)?
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