Vodafone selling Nexus One from tomorrow

Vodafone selling Nexus One from tomorrow

Summary: Google fans will be rejoicing as the Nexus One hits Australian Vodafone stores tomorrow.

TOPICS: Google, Telcos

Google fans will be rejoicing as the Nexus One hits Australian Vodafone stores tomorrow.


Google's Nexus One
(Credit: Google)

Customers will need to enter a 24-month AU$79 cap (with a total minimum cost of AU$1896) as Vodafone isn't selling the phone outright. However, customers will also need to be quick.

"Stocks are strictly limited and online customer orders will be fulfilled from Vodafone's modest allocation of the Nexus One on a first come, first served basis," Vodafone said in a statement. "Vodafone is not taking pre-orders and is advising customers be quick to place their online order once the offer goes live."

The news comes as Google announced it was updating the Nexus One to Android 2.2 via an over-the-air software update.

Topics: Google, Telcos

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  • Or people can just go online and but it outright from any number of places in Australia and then put in any carriers sim card. Phone company's and their arrogance!!
  • Why would anyone go for a phone that has been released for quite some time, and much more expensive than HTC Desire (even though they are pretty much the same hardware)? Nexus one is only supposed to be around $500 and yet Vodafone is charging $1800?
  • I'm with ozboy: Do *not* support this US style vendor insanity. Buy the phone outright and demand the network pulls it's head in and do network stuff properly. 2 year lock-ins and absurd penalties for paying up-front must go!
  • Why not save some pennies and just get the HTC Legend on a $49 cap instead? Not quite as powerful but several reviews have rated it as a better phone than the Nexus One.