Vodafone unveils own-brand Android smartphone

Vodafone unveils own-brand Android smartphone

Summary: Vodafone says its 845 phone provides all the functionality of an Android smartphone with a lower monthly tariff, although it has not said what it will charge for the device


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  • The Vodafone 845, announced on Wednesday, is the company's first own-brand handset to incorporate the Android platform.

    Patrick Chomet, group director of terminals for Vodafone, said in a statement the phone "shows [Vodafone's] commitment and ability to take high-end trends and make them an affordable option for many". Android handsets have generally competed at the high end of the market, although other operators such as T-Mobile have also released low-end handsets using Google's mobile operating system.

    The phone is due out in May.

  • The Vodafone 845 measures 56mm by 100 by 14mm, making it slightly smaller than an iPhone or HTC Legend. The handset weighs 110g. 

    The smartphone has a 2.8-inch screen and includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It operates on 3G and HSDPA networks, and features a 3.2-megapixel camera and 500MB of internal memory.

    Vodafone claim the device will be provided at a relatively low price compared to other mid-range smartphones, but would not respond to a request by ZDNet UK on Wednesday for tariff information.

    A video demonstration of the phone by Vodafone UK eForum staff shows the 845's smaller form factor, compared to the HTC Legend.

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  • Being an always connected phone, how will it cope with Vodafone's new limited data caps?