Volvo a hit for pedestrians

Volvo a hit for pedestrians

Summary: Volvo is set to save the world from the drivers it has spawned, with a new safety technology called Pedestrian Detection.

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Volvo has a reputation for being safe to drive — soon it will be the car of choice for pedestrians knocked down in the street.

We all know Volvos are safe to drive, and that they're only dangerous to be in the vicinity of because, well, they're driven by Volvo drivers.

Now it seems the Swedish car manufacturer is set to save the world from the drivers it has spawned, with a new safety technology that it's calling Pedestrian Detection. It's part of Volvo's IntelliSafe system that, in the first instance, will brake sharply if someone steps in the way. Then, if the car goes on to hit someone, an external airbag on the bonnet inflates to cushion the blow.

The external airbags will be part of the all-new Volvo V40, which already has a number of handy features, like helping Volvo drivers stay in their lane, park assist capability to help drivers with reverse parking, and Driver Alert Control to warn when the driver is getting tired — or is dying of old age.

The makers say there's only one drawback with the new external airbags — they only work effectively at speeds up to 35km/h, but as that's fairly fast for a Volvo driver, it shouldn't be a problem.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • Surely this will only make them worse, now they know that can't actually kill anyone.
  • Trouble is many apparently have now switched to driving SUVs that seem to be exempt from using indicators or occupying just the one lane.
  • @grump - you make it sound as if they are a bunch of bicycle riders on their day off.
    ;- )

    Who coined the expression 'bloody Volvo drivers' anyway? It seems they knew what they are talking about.