Walk through iOS 7 on the Apple iPad (Gallery)

Walk through iOS 7 on the Apple iPad (Gallery)

Summary: iOS 7 was released yesterday as a free update to the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This screenshot gallery shows off the new look, feel, and functionality.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iPad, Tablets

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  • New lock screen in iOS 7

    I read through many of the iPhone 5s/5c reviews and saw what iOS 7 looks like on those small screen devices. I didn't think I would like the new pastel colors and light fonts, but went ahead and updated my 3rd generation retina display iPad to check out iOS 7 and after several hours of use I have to say I am impressed by what Apple has done with this OS refresh.

    Apple is the only company who seems to tell the carriers how it is going to be and I am amazed that even today they are the only ones who can roll out a worldwide OS update on a single day. You can get the iOS 7 update now for most iPhones, recent iPads, and the latest iPod touch and that update is free. The process went smoothly for me and even without a backup security blanket everything went without a hitch and my iPad was up and running with the same settings and apps as before on iOS 6.

    I tried to capture screenshots from most of the places where I have found changes so far, but for a very comprehensive review and analysis of iOS 7 I highly recommend you read the full review at iMore.

    The first thing you will likely notice is the change in icons, colors, and font weights on the home screen. I am still tripping out over the home screen effect where you can tilt your screen and see "under" icons. The effect can't be captured in a screenshot, but it is pretty cool to see "depth" on the home screen.

    Icons for Apple's applications, such as Newsstand, Mail, Safari, and more are all changed and I like the look. There is some Windows Vista opaqueness going on with the bottom launch bar on the home screen, but I think it looks great. When you tap on a folder of shortcuts you will see the folder fly to the front with spaces for up to nine apps. You can then swipe side-to-side if you have more apps in that folder. Tapping outside the folder minimizes it back to the home screen. You may also notice that your background image moves with the folder flyout and a bit of image zooming takes place. It is a nice visual effect that is not distracting.

    Don't go looking for the Spotlight search by swiping from left to right. I always forgot about Spotlight and think the way it is implemented may be more useful, but not easy for initial discovery. You slide down from a home screen panel, but not from the top. Tap and slide down anywhere on the home screen, even if you have your finger on an app or folder. The Spotlight search box appears near the top.

    When you do swipe from the top down, you will see the notifications area that includes your calendar, weather, and application notifications. You can manage the details of what appears here in your settings. Weather appears as text rather than an image too.

    One very nice addition appears when you swipe up from the bottom of the display. The Control Center launches with connectivity shortcuts (airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc), music player, brightness, and volume controls, and quick launch buttons to the clock and camera appearing on the lower part of your screen. I HATED having to dive deep into settings to control my connections and am already a big fan of this time-saving utility.

    Another new function that I absolutely love so far is the multi-tasking control that functions much like WebOS. A double press of the home button pops you into the task manager where the application icon appears below the currently active screen, in a smaller view. You can easily swipe both left and right to select an app to jump into and if you are done with an app you can simply drag it up and away to close it. I haven't yet found a way to close all apps at once, which was something I did with my jailbroken iPhone 5.

    It looks like all of Apple's apps have been redone including Photos with a cool years, collections, and moments organization structure, Safari with better viewing options, and others with new colors and fonts. I am not necessarily a huge fan of some of the neon/pastel colors, but so far I like the refresh and personally think it was time for some visual changes in iOS.

    I enjoy listening to different music genres and am a fan of a few different services. You get iTunes Radio with iOS 7 and so far I am enjoying the experience on my iPad. I tried using Siri to initiate a radio "station", but it just tried looking in my own music collection so I need to test that out more. Siri was also improved and it is working well for sports news and other quick searches.

    iOS 7 is quite a visual change over iOS 6 and developers are actively working to get their apps updated to match the design. Evernote launched a new version that looks great. So far I haven't found any issues with my apps. I like what Apple has done with iOS 7 and look forward to more testing on my iPad. As I explained yesterday there is too much in Android that I enjoy so I am not planning to pick up a new iPhone 5s and will wait for the iPhone 6.

  • Home screen with opaque bottom launch bar

  • Folder of apps with nine shortcut limit

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPad, Tablets

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  • Trick iUsers that you have an iphone 6

    Just install the iphone theme on your nokia lumia, quite hilarious how gullible they are. Then watch how sad they look after they can't have a naked phone, nfc, wireless charges, the best camera, hubs and offline gps is precious.
  • I hate the color of the icons cheap look

    what happened to the taste and decor? this looks like candy crush!!!!

    give me back some choices
    • The translucency is distracting, too.

      I really don't want to try to read text with my background image bleeding through it. It serves no functional purpose and detracts from readability.

      I agree about the new look and feel being somehow childish-looking. I guess I'll adjust to using it, but my gut reaction is that it's a step backward in appearance. It will be interesting to see whether I grow to like it or hate it after a few weeks of use.
  • Color - in general, especially pastels!

    I agree with annrisingstar: choices, please!
  • Colour of font

    highly uncomfortable to read through. Very dull no option to change the colour of text
  • IOS7

    I have this version. Apple will loose its business in coming days.
  • iOS 7

    I am tired of the naysayers. The problem with people is they do not like change. the new IOS 7 is great. I like that I do. It have to tap so much and swoosh a lot more. I like the pastel colors and the home screen effect. The new additions are great. I have an IPhone 4S, IPad 2 and 3. I updated each of them without any issues and they all work seemlessly. If people are having issues then spend the extra money for a faster internet so you can download properly. I loo last it this way, if you have issues with Apple and keep sending your approval of Android and other systems, then buy them and shut up. I is all what you prefer. I prefer to have one system where I can have phone, computer, and tablet all be one. I have Microsoft and android items. I always go back to Aaple because they have the stuff together and thing not nickel dimming you but to give you an experience and make your like easier while they make a boatload of money.
    • I suppose you

      typed this on one of your apple products. It was next to impossible to read with all the typos and made every little sense. You seem to be an apple fanboy that feels apple can do no wrong.
    • :)

      Love how it has more of a MacBook feel with all the new gestures, made it feel more like a Mac then an iPad, though not too keen on the icon colors
  • Ridiculous - although a good way to turn off your readers...

    There's no way I'm going to click through 36 page loads to read this article
  • The pop-up folders

    support far more than just 9 apps a piece. The old ones in iOS 5 and 6 (and I don't remember, but wasn't folder support also added to 4?) were limited to 12, and I have one group that's up to 30. You change pages in iOS 7 folders by swiping left and right.
  • Closing of apps

    Hi to all this is my first post, nvr had an account like this but I just found out how to close apps with this new OS. Basically once u bring up all the apps up that are currently open (either by swiping with four fingers up or double press the home button) you swipe up the app u want to close...

    Hope I explained it well. I'll be checking d post so if u have any questions I'll answer them ASAP
  • Limit of Folders

    The limit of folders is not 9 icons in ios7!
    it was 12 before...now it's even more....u can create many pages of icons in each folder.