Walk through iOS 7 on the Apple iPad (Gallery)

Walk through iOS 7 on the Apple iPad (Gallery)

Summary: iOS 7 was released yesterday as a free update to the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This screenshot gallery shows off the new look, feel, and functionality.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iPad, Tablets

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  • Listening to iTunes Radio

  • Safari in iOS 7

  • Sharing options accessed via top left icon

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPad, Tablets

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  • Trick iUsers that you have an iphone 6

    Just install the iphone theme on your nokia lumia, quite hilarious how gullible they are. Then watch how sad they look after they can't have a naked phone, nfc, wireless charges, the best camera, hubs and offline gps is precious.
  • I hate the color of the icons cheap look

    what happened to the taste and decor? this looks like candy crush!!!!

    give me back some choices
    • The translucency is distracting, too.

      I really don't want to try to read text with my background image bleeding through it. It serves no functional purpose and detracts from readability.

      I agree about the new look and feel being somehow childish-looking. I guess I'll adjust to using it, but my gut reaction is that it's a step backward in appearance. It will be interesting to see whether I grow to like it or hate it after a few weeks of use.
  • Color - in general, especially pastels!

    I agree with annrisingstar: choices, please!
  • Colour of font

    highly uncomfortable to read through. Very dull no option to change the colour of text
  • IOS7

    I have this version. Apple will loose its business in coming days.
  • iOS 7

    I am tired of the naysayers. The problem with people is they do not like change. the new IOS 7 is great. I like that I do. It have to tap so much and swoosh a lot more. I like the pastel colors and the home screen effect. The new additions are great. I have an IPhone 4S, IPad 2 and 3. I updated each of them without any issues and they all work seemlessly. If people are having issues then spend the extra money for a faster internet so you can download properly. I loo last it this way, if you have issues with Apple and keep sending your approval of Android and other systems, then buy them and shut up. I is all what you prefer. I prefer to have one system where I can have phone, computer, and tablet all be one. I have Microsoft and android items. I always go back to Aaple because they have the stuff together and thing not nickel dimming you but to give you an experience and make your like easier while they make a boatload of money.
    • I suppose you

      typed this on one of your apple products. It was next to impossible to read with all the typos and made every little sense. You seem to be an apple fanboy that feels apple can do no wrong.
    • :)

      Love how it has more of a MacBook feel with all the new gestures, made it feel more like a Mac then an iPad, though not too keen on the icon colors
  • Ridiculous - although a good way to turn off your readers...

    There's no way I'm going to click through 36 page loads to read this article
  • The pop-up folders

    support far more than just 9 apps a piece. The old ones in iOS 5 and 6 (and I don't remember, but wasn't folder support also added to 4?) were limited to 12, and I have one group that's up to 30. You change pages in iOS 7 folders by swiping left and right.
  • Closing of apps

    Hi to all this is my first post, nvr had an account like this but I just found out how to close apps with this new OS. Basically once u bring up all the apps up that are currently open (either by swiping with four fingers up or double press the home button) you swipe up the app u want to close...

    Hope I explained it well. I'll be checking d post so if u have any questions I'll answer them ASAP
  • Limit of Folders

    The limit of folders is not 9 icons in ios7!
    it was 12 before...now it's even more....u can create many pages of icons in each folder.