Walmart Black Friday 2012 ad leaks: Laptop, desktop, tablet PC deals

Walmart Black Friday 2012 ad leaks: Laptop, desktop, tablet PC deals

Summary: Doorbuster sales include a 15.6-inch Compaq Presario notebook for $179, a 20-inch HP Pavilion all-in-one desktop for $389, and the Barnes & Noble 8GB Nook Color tablet for $99.

TOPICS: Laptops, Tablets, PCs

Black Friday ads are being "leaked" earlier and earlier each year. Already Dell's ad has been made public and Best Buy has released a preview of its Black Friday deals. Now the biggest retailer of all, Walmart, has seen its ad leaked to the public.

While Walmart doesn't offer a huge selection of computers, it does have a few Black Friday sales that ZDNet readers may be interested in. As one of the main forces behind the shopping holiday creeping from midnight on Friday to Thanksgiving day itself, the store has doorbusters starting at 8 p.m. on Thursday night for family-oriented products. At 10 p.m. other sales start, including a dirt-cheap Compaq Presario Windows 8 laptop with AMD processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard drive for $179. 

Other laptop deals are a pair of HP notebooks: a $279 15.6-inch model also sporting an AMD CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 320GB hard drive; and a $349.99 15.6-inch version with an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB hard drive. HP seems to be the doorbuster PC brand of choice for Walmart, as it is also advertising a 20-inch Pavilion all-in-one desktop with AMD processor, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB of RAM for $389. On Friday at 5 a.m., you will be able to purchase an Acer Ultrabook with 13.3-inch display, Intel Core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 320GB hard drive for $499.  

As usual, there's no discount to be found on the iPad, but Walmart is trying to entice you to buy one at its stores by offering a $75 gift card if you purchase a $399 iPad 2. If you're looking for a tablet at a rock-bottom price, Walmart is also selling an 8GB Barnes & Noble Nook Color tablet for just $99, and an 7-inch Ematic Android tablet with 4GB of storage will be available on for a mere $49 all Thanksgiving day.

Do any of these deals look attractive to you? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Laptops, Tablets, PCs

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  • If you can't make a tablet decision

    but you want to try one without spending a lot of money, and if you do not mind a bit of tinkering, I would recommend the Nook Color for $99. It is super easy to root and CM10 (Jelly Bean) will be out shortly.

    If Android suits you, you are unlikely to regret the purchase.
    • Why would people buy a fragmented system?

      No thanks.
      • Why would anybody care?

        You know most people use their tablets for surfing the web while watching tv. Anything can do that. The real question is why would anybody pay an arm and a leg to be entertained while they are being entertained by a tv.
  • Walmart and Computers

    I purchase all of my HP computers from Walmart usually the refurbished ones. But I always purchase the warranty from Walmart. It's inexpensive and I've had to use it a couple of times. The service is excellent and fast.
    • Warranty

      I NEVER purchase extended warranties. It does not make any financial sense to me.

      First the store/sales person has to take their cut, usually quite significant. Then the warranty provider (if a third party) has to pay administration costs and make a profit. Long term the warranty payout is probably in the order of 25%. In other words, in the long term, for every $100 you spend on warranty you only get $25 back on your claim(s).

      A pretty bad investment imho.
      • Of course....

        Admin costs and profit applies no matter who provides the warranty.
  • I'm in the market for a good windows 8 convertible device and a note 2

    unfortunately probably no black friday deals on those this year.
    • Lenovo converible with W8

      This is a BF door buster @ staples Check it out !!
  • $179 for a laptop?

    I wonder how many of them will still be working in 3 to 6 months.
  • Forget the laptop can you survive?

    After what the local news has been showing about Walmart...I am not sure if the $179 laptop is worth being trampled to death either upon entry or exit and then avoiding getting robbed in the parking lot!!
    • Excellent points

      That is why I only BF at staples!!
  • $179 Laptop?

    Cheap does not mean bad. I purchased a Emachine E528 laptop($199) on a Black Friday Special(3 years ago with this "Friday" coming up) and have ZERO problems. My initial use for it was a back-up after having some problems with a desk top failure, but have ended up using it almost on a daily basis. Although no power house, it does what it is priced for, well.

    I like it.................!!!!!!!!!!
    Sandeep Bhatia
  • low price doesn't mean junk

    I bought a house brand desktop computer from Fry's several years ago for $150. It worked great for two years until a lightning storm took it out. Bought a $175 eMachines laptop two years ago. Still going strong. Not overly fast so I recently bought an SSD and installing Windows 8 on it with third party software to enable the start menu and orb. Sweet!

    The $179 Windows 8 Notebook is quite a buy. Never have had an honoring warranty problem with WalMart, on any type of product: tires, electronics, floor cleaning applicance, housewares, etc., etc.
  • Thanks

    Check out this ,hope may be help you.
    Kevin Carington