Walmart Black Friday 2013 ad leaks: Laptop, desktop, tablet PC deals

Walmart Black Friday 2013 ad leaks: Laptop, desktop, tablet PC deals

Summary: The retail giant will offer a $100 gift card with the purchase of the first-generation iPad mini for $299 starting on Thanksgiving. It's also selling an HP notebook for $178.


Now the big guns are finally being unleashed for Black Friday ad leaks. After Target's ad surfaced online, Walmart has rolled its specials out (as has Best Buy, which will be covered in a subsequent post), and while it doesn't have a ton of computer deals, it's still the 700-pound gorilla in the room with the sales it does offer.

Target tried to stand out with a $100 gift card offer with the purchase of the new iPad Air during Black Friday, but Walmart has chosen to focus on the first-generation iPad mini. Like Target, it is offering a store gift card when you buy a iPad mini (not the new Retina-display one, however), but Walmart is providing a $100 gift card instead of the $75 one Target is giving. The bad news is that Walmart is only makng this deal available at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving for one hour with a guarantee that buyers will receive the product. (If the store runs out of stock, Walmart says impacted customers will receive their item "before Christmas.")

The same holds for the "one-hour guarantee" laptop special Walmart is rolling out at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving: an HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-B109WM for $278. This appears to be the version the retailer is currently selling for $398, and includes an Intel Celeron B877 processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, and 14-inch touchscreen. You can spend even less on the HP 2000-2d09WM notebook, which has a bigger screen (15.6-inch) -- though without touchscreen capabilities -- and an AMD E-300 processor, but only will cost $178 (or $140 less than the regular price).

Rounding out Walmart's Black Friday laptop specials, the HP Pavilion 15-B129WM is available for $388, or $60 off the current price. It features a 15.6-inch touchscreen, AMD A6-4455M processor, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB hard drive. Only one desktop sale is listed in Walmart's ad: The HP 20-B323W all-in-one PC, which comes with an AMD E1-1500 processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, and wireless keyboard and mouse, but lacks touchscreen functionality. It will sell for $348, or $101 off its current $449 price.

In addition to the usual ultra-cheap Android tablet deals the company likes to trot out at turkey time (for example, a $49 7-inch RCA slate at the 8 p.m. Thanksgiving one-hour guarantee event), Walmart has a couple of other notable tablets specials. Starting at an undisclosed time on Thanksgiving morning, you'll be able to purchase an iPad 2 with a Bluetooth speaker and accessory kit for $349 through And like OfficeMax, Walmart will be offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1-inch tablet for $299, or $60 less than Samsung is presently selling it for on its own site.

After witnessing year after year of mob scenes when the doors to its locations have opened for Black Friday shopping, Walmart has finally wised up and decided to give out wristbands in advance of its one-hour guarantee events and for certain hot items (like the new Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 video game consoles). Is that modicum of sanity enough to get you to venture out to Walmart on Thanksgiving or Black Friday for some of these deals? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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  • What leak...

    I read that earlier today from a link in an email - an OFFICIAL email from Walmart. Guess "leak" sounds cooler!
  • Actually iPad Mini - First Generation is a great device

    I am not sure how the Retina display helps there, but to each their own. I see iPad Mini as void filler between the bigger tablet such as Surface, iPad and other similar sized Android tablets and great for reading quickly browsing family photo albums.
    Ram U
    • 1st Gen Device is pretty good.

      Original iPad Mini is pretty good. Retina Version seems overpriced. Will have to see if it is worth it or not.

      I recently purchased a Dell Venue 8 Pro (32GB) for $299 from Walmart. I have to say, I am surprisingly impressed with this little device....enough so, that I sold my full sized iPad and am using this little baby instead. Very happy with it so far. I think I want to get the 64 GB version + add another 64GB Micro SD card for myself. The DVP8 went to my wife. She won't part with it now.
  • Bands or no bands, it is a ridiculous, despicable and hazardous practice...

    This manufactured frenzy is just that. Aside from the fact that I deplore promoting shopping on a traditional holiday (a stance that I know many will disagree with), to do this on ANY day is irresponsible. What it promotes is boorish,rude, and dangerous behavior. Doing it on a holiday meant to celebrate the blessings we have merely adds salt to the wound.
    • You are being very presumptious

      Hockeybum, nobody is forcing you to buy anything on a holiday, or to be rude or boorish to anyone else. Why do you automatically assume that ALL Walmart's potential customers observe the same holidays as you do?

      And why are you so anti-consumer? "Despicable" and "hazardous" are very strong words for something that is totally voluntary for the buyer. These are great deals for many many people, and alleging that Walmart is being "irresponsible" just because it hurts YOUR sentiments, is, in my opinion, rude, boorish and extremely presumptious on YOUR part.
  • Am I reading this correctly?

    Am I reading this correctly? WalMart is offering door busters at 6:00 PM on Thanksgiving day?

    That's just shameful. Pathetic. Vile.

    Has the big box no sense of decency?

    I guess not.
    • the clue is in the name - Walmart

      Does anyone go there in the hope of anything close to decency?
    • they were open

      all day last year, you could go and do your shopping there if you wanted to. There were no deals until midnight though. People were sitting in the isles with the shopping carts full of stuff waiting for midnight.

      Also, how is this different from the gas stations and pharmacies which are open as far as i remember. i won't be doing any shopping on thanksgiving or black Friday.
    • Really?

      Wal Mart is in the business to make money, and only make money. Sense of decency? Really? If you don't want to shop on Thanksgiving, DON'T. Wal Mart is not forcing anyone to do so.
      Michelle Mitchell
      • Yes, Michelle!

        I totally agree with your sentiments! I thought America was the land of capitalism, choice, liberty and opportunity, but now some very "American" readers are expressing moral outrage at capitalism! Maybe they are SO Ameircan that they go all the way back to the Puritans!!!
      • And so were...

        John Gotti, Whitey Bulger and Pablo Escobar. Doesn't make it morally right just because they were chasing greenbacks.
        • YOu had to make very stupid comparisons in order to try to make your point?

          But, fact is that, you couldn't make your case with a logical comment.

          Now, try to make a living without getting "greenbacks".

          The more greenbacks that people go after, the better an economy gets, and the better off the whole population gets. But, that's too much for your little brain to comprehend.
  • I make $8.50 / month troll

    What does this post have to do with this article??? Delete this post PLS.
  • Armbands

    TG there will be some kind of control.
    I stopped shopping at black friday sales for health reasons. Now I work in a retail store and have been the target of black friday shoppers. (shudders at the memory)
    Nancy S.
    • I hear you!

      I did it in Circuit City one year. $6/hour to peddle big box junk for 12 hours after my 8 hours at my normal grocery job. Taking a seasonal retail job on top of 4 years selling groceries to the all kinds of people that rolled up in that store and going to high school just ruined the season. I quit lol