Walmart drops price of iPad 2 to $299, Target to offer $50 gift card with select iPads

Walmart drops price of iPad 2 to $299, Target to offer $50 gift card with select iPads

Summary: Walmart's sale runs through March 7, and the company will also give you at least $100 for any iPad you trade in. Target's deal, starting tomorrow, is good for the next week.

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While stores like Target and Walmart were trying to outduel each other with the best iPad deals during the recent holiday season, things had been quiet on that front in the new year. But that's changed in the last couple of days, with these two retailers offering new iPad specials they hope will provide a quick sales boost.

Target's deal is more pedestrian, and also lasts for a shorter duration. Starting tomorrow (February 9), it's offering a $50 gift card with the purchase of a 16GB iPad Air or Retina iPad mini (or iPhone 5s) through the next week (February 15). That's obviously not as good as an actual price cut, but if you shop frequently at Target (and obviously many do), it's a useful perk.

Walmart has slightly more intriguing offers. It's providing an outright price cut -- or rollback, in Walmart parlance -- on the iPad 2, which will now cost $299 through March 7. Note, however, this is an in-store deal only.

Of course, the iPad 2 is a three-year-old tablet, and, at $299, is still priced higher than many new full-size slates. But if you have to have an iPad and don't mind buying an older model, this could be as good as it gets for the next month.

You can pay even less if you have another iPad (presumably a first-generation one) to trade in. Walmart says it's also offering at least $100 trade-in credit for any working iPad, though this doesn't currently seem to be reflected on its online trade-in service.

Are either of these deals going to motivate you to buy a new iPad? If not, what price would you pay for an iPad 2 in 2014? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Tablets, Apple, iPad, Mobility

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  • One has to wonder ...

    How much longer will the iPad 2 receive iOS upgrades from Apple?
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • its already got the last one

      And its just able to run it.
      Some think its fine others think it barely runs some are happy if it boots.
      • iPad 2 runs iOS 7 just fine

        And Safari is probably more reliable on iPad 2 than iPad Air (Safari seems to crash a lot on 64-bit iOS devices at the moment).
    • I'd expect

      It to end sales this year...
      Which would make ios 8 the last os update...

      (Apple devices seem to get one last update after the go off sale - it gives the people who use them an extra year, but doesn't hold back os developement having to factor in older and older tech. It seems bad, but due to the long sales life of most apple products, it means they actually get longer support than most competitors)

      I would, however, reckon tha when the ipad 2 support ends, the ipad three will go too ...
  • I would not buy an Ipad2 in 2014 at $299

    Keep in mind its WiFi, 16GB only with no expansion, 3 year old technology, and likely end of life. At $150 its still almost like throwing money away. In two years it will be unsupported, struggling to operate on the latest sites, and unable to run the latest apps. That's way the special deal of $300 will get you.
    • Compared to what??

      Android tablets that don't get ANY support even on the day they are released?
      • Not popular answer

        I know it is not popular answer but I guess that if you would buy Windows 8 tablet it would still get updates 10 years from now.
        • Well who knows if that is even true

          But even if it is, a supported tablet with a fraction of the iPad's apps has got its own set of tradeoffs that some might not regard as enough.
          • How can it not be true?

            Microsoft updates windows, period.

            And the windows tablet has millions of programs in addition to the apps available in the app store. Which the app selection for windows is developing quite well.

            Even one step further, the app stores for iOS and Android have huge number of apps, but that is bloated with free/HD versions, phone/tablet versions and huge numbers of flat out copies of oter apps. Not that either store lacks quality apps, but the number of apps each company touts is inflated to the point of nonsense.

            I'm sure there are trade offs, but the one thing I have notices since making the switch from Android to Windows tablet is that I never have to put my tablet down anymore to do anything. The same was never true for my iOS or android devices. As nice as they were, they were always secondary devices.
        • That may or may not be true

          But I do agree that a Win8 tablet WILL get updates for some time ... unlike most of Android tablets that will NEVER get even a security update.
      • but 3 year old android tablets can still run current apps

        Whereas iOS apps are getting fragmented by OS versions. Some of it is artificial like Garageband which won't download now if the device is not on iOS7.
        This artificially imposed obsolescence by Apple is a core problem for iOS devices which Android devices don't have despite lack of updates.
        • Really .... how is that Xoom working for you??

          Because a 3 year old Android tablet is a Xoom ....
          • xoom

            I actually owned two 1st gen Xooms in the past and they've had ICS updates.
            I can't think of any apps that I've used that won't run on it.
            If it never got updated beyond 4.0 it would still run the latest app updates for the forseable coupla years.
            I currently still have a Toshiba Thrive on 4.0 that's still running everything and my even older Acer A101 runs rock solid 24/7 as my mobile hotspot under honeycomb 3.2 and serves second duty as an XBMC media server.
            I don't see any significant loss in app compatibility with these 3yo+ androids. In fact, pre 4.1 Android also gives the unique benefit of being able to use the flashplayer plugin under Opera Mobile.
  • is the ipad mini...

    Is the iPad mini retina in that price range as well? If yes, i would rather go with the mini.
  • iPad 2 Not as good deal as it looks….

    As with many offers from large retailers they do their best to convince the consumer they are getting a really good deal when it is anything but.
    Although still sold by Apple as a less expensive alternative to the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina. The iPad 2 is now well outdated and benefits mostly running iOS6 as it lacks some features when running iOS7.
    So what you end up with is an outdated Tablet which runs the wrong version of iOS.
  • this is what you do when ipads dont sell

    a clear sign that these aren't selling. apple cant be happy to see this.
  • What bothers me

    Is that Apple has effectively stopped selling two of their iPads that are far superior to the iPad 2? Why do they insist on selling a three-year-old device for only $100 less than the current, far superior model?
    I think they should have continued selling either the third-gen or fourth-gen iPad. They will sell a Retina iPad Mini for the same price as the iPad 2, but the current-gen Mini trumps the iPad 2 in every aspect, other than screen size. But honestly, with everything you get out of the Retina Mini, why would you pay for an iPad 2?
    Keeping the third- or fourth-gen iPad in the lineup keeps the Retina display, but allows you to choose a bigger display or better internals at the $399 price point.
    • What the hell are you talking about?

      Just because you read an article about an old version of a product (from any company) does not mean that they stopped selling newer models.

      Why are people so illogically ignorant?
  • Walmart Trade In

    Not in all Markets...and you are hard pressed to find out which market is participating in the trade in...they are very uninformed and uninforming as to where to claim this trade in.
  • Walmart is awful

    Walmart might be claiming they take trade ins but finding a store in the Bay Area that participates is impossible. I reached out to Best Buy they offered me $155