Walmart selling third-generation 16GB Apple iPad with Retina Display for $399 in retail stores only

Walmart selling third-generation 16GB Apple iPad with Retina Display for $399 in retail stores only

Summary: The iPad deal will be sweetened starting Monday, when it includes a $30 iTunes gift card.

TOPICS: Tablets, Apple, iPad

If you've been waiting for a sale on the newest iPad for your holiday shopping list, the day has finally arrived. Walmart has just started offering the fourth-gen 16GB version with Retina Display (and Wi-Fi) for $399, though you will only find it in the retailer's brick-and-mortar locations.

There is some discrepancy as to whether this is the third- or fourth-generation iPad, which, despite its attempts to communicate with Walmart PR, 9to5Mac could not confirm one way or the other. For now, sites like The Verge are posting that it's the latest-generation model -- either way, it's a better deal than you'll get from Apple directly.

UPDATE: A Walmart PR rep has just contacted me and confirmed that it is in fact the third-generation iPad at the special price.  

But wait, there's more. If you can wait until Monday -- and if there are any iPads left -- Walmart will up the deal with a $30 iTunes gift card with a purchase of the new model. The upshot is that you can get the new iPad for the same price as the iPad 2, plus the gift card, as long as you're willing to get in your car and drive somewhere. You know, like you used to do when you did holiday shopping in the pre-Internet day. 

Is this a good enough deal to get you off the couch (and computer) to go down to Walmart? Let us know in the Talkback section below if you venture out and what you find.

Topics: Tablets, Apple, iPad

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  • Good deal

    Clearly WalMart is having a lot of difficulty selling them at regular price.
    • I think they are generation 3 devices

      or the "new iPad" released during the spring of this year. They are not iPad the 4th Generation. Probably Wal-Mart had stocked those and trouble selling them after iPad 4th Gen was announced.
      Ram U
    • Since when is selling an item at regular price ....

      ... having a lot of difficulty selling them at regular price??
      • well as per the article

        it is iPad 16GB with Retina Display (thus it is not Mini) at Apple is $499 not $399.

        That makes me think that this could be iPad 16GB with Retina Display 3rd Gen not the 4th Gen, because you don't get 3rd Gen from Apple, you get only from channeled 3rd party sellers like Wal-Mart.

        Is that wrong assumption?
        Ram U
        • The article is pointing to the WRONG version

          The one on sale is the 3rd gen, not the 4th.
          • @wackoae thats what I am saying.

            but I don't have any proof to say that Wal-Mart is selling 3rd gen for $399, not that4th Gen. But anyone with minimal IQ would definitely realize that it is 3rd gen not the 4th gen. :)
            Ram U
          • A consumer may not

          • Wackoae,

            They are misleading the consumer. And it's clearly because of the massive number of left over 3rd gen tablets. Apple, in it's smugness, clearly made far more than they could move. Next you'll see iPad leftovers at Big Lots.
          • Naw....

            Big Lots only sells grey market chinese knockoff tablets that are no more useful than clipboards. I quit shopping there the moment they decided to stop being a discount store and raised their prices to the same as legititimate places like Target.
    • Rumor is Wrong

      You're re-publishing bad information. The IPad is not on sale.
    • Its not happening... don't be fooled.

      Walmart is NOT selling iPad3's for $399. I went into one today, and asked for it. I was told that even though they have the iPad3, they are NOT selling them for $399. Rather, it is just a few stores honoring that price, and no one at WalMart could tell you which stores were the 'special' ones. The customer was expected to personally and individually call every Walmart, wait to be connected to electronics, and then ask if they had the 'special' deal, and hope that the 'associate' knew what you were even talking about.

      When just a select number of stores out of all stores are offering the price, its more like a wild goose chase than a sale.
      • Lots of walmarts

        With over 9000 Wal-Marts, it can be difficult to find which select store is offering them.
  • Apple iPad

    Walmart selling latest 16GB Apple iPad with Retina Display for $399 in retail stores only is a nice article for who want to buy Apple iPad. Specially for me because I want to purchase a Apple iPad.
    • I PAD

      I have the I PAD 3rd Generation and the 2and one. I wish I could get rid of them, Hate Apple, so I went and bought the Samsung Note 10.1 and love it so much better .My Phones are also Samsung don't want nothing to do with Apple anymore.
      • So you have 2 iPads

        You must really hate Apple, you spent maybe $800 on their products. You should have bought their stock instead, you would now have about $1200 in your pocket - you could buy some junky Android stuff for that money or move out of your parent's basement...
      • iPad 3

        So are you selling your iPad and for how much?
  • I would rather buy something else

    Sorry but I don't want to give my money over to a rubbish company which just sells rip off of BSD. and the nexus range of devices all have a ppi better than "Retina display".
    Alexander Xavi
  • Really?

    Ugh...why shop at Wal Mart? They destroy small businesses and treat their employees like crap. Full of chinese crap and dead people at a factory in Bangladesh. I'll pay extra to buy one somewhere else.
    Mark Bunch
  • Not 4th

    3rd gen does not have Retina display.
  • I dunno

    I think the economy has hit iPad sales.

    I hear the Mini has sold out but, I go looking only to find plenty of iPad Minis on store shelves as long as they're not the 16 Gig variety.

    This tells me that price is certainly a factor this year.