Warm fuzzy glow

Warm fuzzy glow

Summary: Sometimes when I use the web, I am infused with a fuzzy warm glow of humanity. Some call it serotonin.


Sometimes when I use the web, I am infused with a fuzzy warm glow of humanity. Some call it serotonin. Others call it Finding The Right Stuff. And I found a lot of right stuff by a chap called Matthew Somerville:

  • Accessible UK Train Timetables: no login required, easy-to-use, simple, works on my mobile phone.
  • Postbox locator: Find, er, a postbox. Brilliant.
  • FixMyStreet.com: Potholes? Dodgy streetlight? Report it and get it fixed with this handy tool. I used it and it works.
  • TheyWorkForYou.com: MPs. Who do they work for? They work for you! Find out what your MP is up to.
  • WriteToThem: Once you’ve found out what they’re doing, write to them. Without a stamp, using modern, 21st style technology. It’s brilliant, I’ve used it.

I’m sure there are other people involved from the mySociety democracy organisation but never have I found so much good and useful stuff emanating from one website. Thank you very much :)

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Jake Rayson

About Jake Rayson

A web designer since the 20th century, I am a pragmatic advocate of Free Software and I use proprietary software when appropriate. I made the full-time switch to Linux back in 2007, and my desktop tools of choice are Linux Mint, Inkscape, GIMP and Sublime Text.

As a Front End Developer, my core skills are HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, and my working life reflects my commitment to open standards and accessible websites (ie accessible by everyone, regardless of browser, platform, ability or technology).

For web publishing platforms, I use WordPress for ease of use and Drupal for more complex solutions.

I am also learning about Ruby, Rails, Sinatra and CoffeeScript. I like the minimalist Ruby Way. To this end, my personal portfolio website is built with NestaCMS.

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