Was a squirrel discovered on Mars?

Was a squirrel discovered on Mars?

Summary: Close examination of a photo taken by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity appears to expose a small squirrel or rat on the Martian surface.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • My favorite "proof" of life on Mars came from a 2008 blowup section of an image taken by the Mars rover Spirit which shows what looks like a person perched atop a rock. The image, shown here, was grabbed from panoramic images taken November 6-9, 2007.

    A NASA spokesman said that the "man" on Mars is actually "a 2-inch sedimentary rock that has been eroded by the wind."

    Credit: NASA



  • And of course we can't forget the original photographic "proof of life on Mars." An image taken in 1976 by the Viking 1 spacecraft showed a formation in the Cydonia region of Mars that  resembles a human face. NASA scientists quickly interpreted the image as having been caused by the angle of the sun and the resulting shadows. But that didn't prevent claims that the "Face on Mars" proved there was intelligent life on the Red Planet.

    The European Space Agency's Mars Express, equipped with its High Resolution Stereo Camera, revisited Mars' most famous feature in 2006. It showed a normal rock formation that resembled a face when an image of it was taken well overhead with the proper shadows.

    Credit: NASA



Topic: Nasa / Space

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  • Those are some cute pixels!

    If you look at an image so closely that you can see individual pixels you can see anything. With a little imagination you can even see Jesus in a dogs anus (seriously, google it).
    • squirrel

      Lets Face it if it was real it would have been all over the news and we would be preparing to make first contact with a hand full of nuts lol
  • must be fake

    no original photo. Most likely it was shot on Earth.
    LlNUX Geek
    • The lighting's off too.

      Must be photo-shopped.
      • I have to agree ... it is a photoshop

        While everything in the image has a shadow with lighting in a left angle, the "rat" "shadowing" with lighting from the top.
    • LlNUX Geek..If you look closely It actually looked a little bit like either

      Loverock Davidson or Owllllllnet on their hands and knees looking for food. :-)
      Over and Out
      • Was that a squirrel?

        I thought it was Loverock laying an egg.

    • Would need a squirrel video

      C'mon, why they don't have HD squirrel video of it, that why it's fake! I might try to make one and post it on SquirrelVideo.com
      Rocky Lerriuqs
  • Rats!

    There is no shortage of rats on Earth - no need to explore for more ;)
  • Seriously?

    OMG people are dumb!!! It's OBVIOUSLY just a gopher.
    • curiosity shack

      Looks alright no need to worry about him.
  • Hey, that's Roger, my pet

    He disappeared many years ago. Good to see he seems to be doing just fine.
  • So it's a rock?

    It would indeed be surprising to find rats on Mars.
    John L. Ries
  • rat on mars?

    You folks must be hallucinating. There is no such thing - its just another rock.
    • Actually...

      ... it's not from Mars. We exterminated them long ago. It must've come with your contraption, hidden who knows where, from Earth. Drat and double drat! We'll have to start with the extermination allover again....
  • It must be a squirrel

    They are always running in front of vehicles here on earth. I don't think it's any different on Mars.
    Mac Hosehead
  • If it's alive on Mars....

    blame NASA for it's asphyxiation and death assuming it even survived the long trip from Earth.
  • Its in the real photo on nasa

    if you go to the nasa website and check the hi-res image, which you can download here:


    you can find the squirrel without much effort.. Its definitely not a rock.. If it is a rock, we've been mislabeling squirrels for years..
    • There's a picture in the slide show...

      ...in which the "squirrel" looks definitely more rock-like.

      What does suggest against fraud is the complete absence of vegetation in all of the Curiosity photos. There aren't a lot of terrestrial deserts like that.
      John L. Ries
    • thanks for providing that link

      because I wouldn't have otherwise noticed that right in front of that squirrel was a large roasted, ready-to-eat, chicken which I suspect if the lander had gone by a minute later we have have seen said rodent dining on, knife-and-fork in hand, napkin in lap (which you can clearly see just in front said chicken being readied for his first customer of the evening by the chinese squirrel monkey chef.