Watch out, Google: This Italian datacentre wants to snatch your efficiency crown (gallery)

Watch out, Google: This Italian datacentre wants to snatch your efficiency crown (gallery)

Summary: Italian oil company ENI has just opened a new datacentre that's aiming to beat Google's PUE record. ZDNet went to take a look.


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  • The efficiency goal set up by ENI's management are based on two pillars. The first is the proximity to the company's natural gas power station (on the right in the picture). Being so close to the source makes the facility more efficient, by cutting the energy that's lost when it's transported around the grid.

    Image: Raffaele Mastrolonardo/ZDNet





  • The second and most important pillar is the flues, along with the free cooling system that uses them.

    The air gets in from the lower side of each structure (grey in the picture), is pushed through filters by a system of fans, cools the servers, and is then expelled through the upper part of the flues (also grey). "This direct free-cooling technique means the air conditioners are switched on less than 25 percent of the time," Mazzarelli said.

    Thanks to the fact the flues are located upon a hill, the air's entrance point is 20m above the ground, where levels of particulate matter are lower.

    Image: Raffaele Mastrolonardo/ZDNet






  • ENI calculates that the filtering process (in the picture) removes about 3,000kg of dust per year thus returning a cleaner air to the external environment.  "Everything in our project was designed to achieve maximum efficiency," Mazzarelli said. "That means it was not driven by architects but by plant engineers."

    Image: Raffaele Mastrolonardo/ZDNet




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  • details

    How exactly supply air is cooled to desired 25°С? Do they use chillers / freon air conditioners and mixing chambers for that purpose? And what about humidity? Ferrera Erbognone is located close to the sea – so there should always be enough moisture. But, in winter the humidity will hover around 100%. So how exactly is it controlled? I thought of dehumidifiers, but they are too energy intensive – not good for PUE.