Watch out, Google: This Italian datacentre wants to snatch your efficiency crown (gallery)

Watch out, Google: This Italian datacentre wants to snatch your efficiency crown (gallery)

Summary: Italian oil company ENI has just opened a new datacentre that's aiming to beat Google's PUE record. ZDNet went to take a look.


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  • Once filtered the air is ready to do its job: cooling the servers, which is easier said than done if you are determined to do it efficiently. "Then again, you don't want to waste an inch of air, so to speak," Mazzarelli joked. That means, he said, sending the air where it is most needed: in front of the servers rather then behind them.

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  • Having been heated and pushed out by the servers, the hot air rises and exits the facility through the flues' holes. "The result of this design is that inside the cage, where you need it, you have a temperature around 25C, while outside it's 35C," Mazzarelli said. "Once out of the cage, the hot air now can go outside because of the Stack effect."

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  • The datacentre will also host the supercomputer ENI uses for seismic simulation processing. Half of it, a 1.5 petaflop machine (pictures above), has been already installed on site. Once completed it should reach performance of 4 petaflops, which should be good for a spot in the list of the world's fastest supercomputers.

    Image: Raffaele Mastrolonardo/ZDNet






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    How exactly supply air is cooled to desired 25°С? Do they use chillers / freon air conditioners and mixing chambers for that purpose? And what about humidity? Ferrera Erbognone is located close to the sea – so there should always be enough moisture. But, in winter the humidity will hover around 100%. So how exactly is it controlled? I thought of dehumidifiers, but they are too energy intensive – not good for PUE.