WaterField Designs Muzetto Outback and SleeveCase for Microsoft Surface Pro (review)

WaterField Designs Muzetto Outback and SleeveCase for Microsoft Surface Pro (review)

Summary: For the last couple of weeks, I have been using the Muzetto Outback vertical messenger bag to carry a much lighter load during my daily commute and am loving the experience.


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  • Perfect fit

    I like that there is a large pocket on the backside of the SleeveCase, under where the flap is secured on the back. I have been using this pocket to carry my Surface stylus and USB cable.

  • Quality sleeve for your device

    WaterField Designs has a huge assortment of cases, bags, and accessories to choose from and I am sure you can find something to fit your gear. Their solutions are made with the highest quality materials and amazing construction.

    One of the best aspects is that they are all made in San Francisco and some even have a bit of a waiting period because they make them as you order so you know you are getting a freshly baked product. I can show you my original Mambo Combo, reviewed on Geek.com in 2006, and you will swear they are new bags and accessories.

    You can't go wrong with their products and while the prices may appear high, they are actually pretty reasonable for high end bags. They will last you for years and likely be one of the most dependable bags you ever own. They are also very attractive and fashionable.

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    Are you trying to out style Mr. Kendrick?
  • question on surface pro sleeve

    Matt..Is there room in the surface pro sleeve to carry the charger?