Wearable Tech 4: Clever clothing

Wearable Tech 4: Clever clothing

Summary: Wish your jackets were more intelligent? Here are a few amazing items of clothing that practically think for themselves.

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • Some of them seem promising

    The Electronic shirt looks promising in the medical field too. The assitive scarf, if it isn't a scarf, but a belt or something for all seasons seems useful for visually impaired. Even the solar jack seems feasible for people to buy (hiking, camping, motorcycling, skiiing, etc).

    However, I have to admit I was surprised nobody made snide comments about the keyboard across the pants idea yet. That doesn't look too flattering.
    • Didn't you recognize Loverock Davidson holding the keyboard?

      I hope he uses spell check with that keyboard.
      Over and Out
  • Not so sure about the 1st one....

    Crotch-typing seems to be a little bit... odd.

    The rest of them looks pretty awesome.
  • Looks like Chindogu and performance art fodder

    None of this looks ready for prime-time.. especially the crotch typing.
  • Some useful, some silly

    A few of these look like they could be useful (assistive scarf, touch-sensitive glove), while others are just silly, but probably fun. No matter how silly it may seem, though, any advance in technology can have benefits that are not immediately apparent -- except maybe typing on your crotch. Does that thing have haptic feedback? That opens up some really interesting possibilities