Wearable Tech 9: Future Couture

Wearable Tech 9: Future Couture

Summary: From iPhone T-Shirts to filtration necklaces, take a look at what wearable technology fashion designers think we will be wearing one day soon.

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • This proves that geeks

    are pretty much not gonna get a date in the future either...
    Tony Burzio
    • Girl geeks tend to dress/groom better than their male counterparts

      So I predict that the gas mask look will go nowhere.
      John L. Ries
  • And I thought ...

    And I though 3D glasses were goofy!

    Make it in black and maybe it'll sell in the Muslim world.
  • what a beautiful necklace!!

    what a beautiful necklace!!
  • Welllllll

    Why don't they just shrink it down to fit in the mouth because WE FREAKING EXHALE CO2.
  • As Colonel Kurtz put it best......

    "The horror! The horror!"

    These designers have obviously become good friends with Horror. None of these glowing rags will ever be sold to the general public, stupid though they might be.