Wearable Tech: LED

Wearable Tech: LED

Summary: Want to get noticed when you are out and about? Here are some wearable LED items of clothing to brighten up your day


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  • Credit: Games, Gadgets & More

    Tex-t LED Scrolling T-shirt

    7 rows of 21 ultra bright blue LEDs spell out your message in a continuous loop. Stores up to 6 messages for easy recall when out and about.

    Credit: Games, Gadgets & More

  • Credit: Games, Gadgets & More

    2C Solar Powered Head torch baseball cap

    This captures solar rays during the day to recharge its battery throught an array of solar cells covering the peak. Once charged it's ready to become an LED head torch at night.

    Credit: Games, Gadgets & More

  • Credit: Syuzi

    Illuminated Hoodie

    Credit: Syuzi

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  • Have you been talking to Chapman?

    ANOTHER article filled with useless junk.

    Slow news day at ZDNet by any chance?
  • head torch = headlight (Image 9)

    For the Anglo-English impaired Americans reading the blog: no the hat does not set your head on fire when you turn it on.

    That does sound like a rather dastardly prank that could be done with the proper mis-wiring of the cap, though.