Web site publishes DVD hack list

Web site publishes DVD hack list

Summary: A UK site has compiled a list of all the multi-region hacks available for UK DVD players

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The resource, available on DVD Reviewer contains links to hacks for at least 13 players available in the UK, including machines from Samsung, Philips and JVC.

Multi-region hacks alter the settings of a Region 2 DVD player making it capable of playing discs from Region 1, which is the American format. The hacks allow UK owners to play DVDs from the US, which has a much greater selection of titles than the UK.

The hacks listed on DVD Reviewer work by using features built in by manufacturers to disable region settings. By pressing a combination of pre-defined buttons users are able to get into a player's setup menu and disable region requirements.

DVD Reviewer's Robert Shepherd, claims the hacks are legal, unlike the hardware hacks which operate, he says, in a "grey area."

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Topic: Emerging Tech

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