Webinar: Back to Work – Smarter

Webinar: Back to Work – Smarter

Summary: On Thursday, 7 March at 11am (AEDST), ZDNet broadcast a special live webinar entitled "Back to Work — Smarter".

TOPICS: Mobility

Find out how tablets and wireless broadband technology are changing the small business owners world in a webinar sponsored by Optus.

This interactive 1-hour session was led by Andrew Griffiths, Australia's No. 1 small business author, as he spoke to special guest Tim Reid, "The Ideas Guy" and host of Australia's No. 1 marketing podcast. They showcased the top 10 practical examples and innovative use of tablets/wireless broadband from around the globe.

The discussion involved how innovative thinking combined with a tablet/wireless broadband can change the way that many businesses operate on a daily basis, perhaps increasing income streams, creating greater flexibility, and enhancing communication.

Even though the event is over, if you sign up now, we will make sure to send you a link to the recording.

Topic: Mobility

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  • Webinar: Back to Work – Smarter

    I'll bet Loverock Davidson & Todbottom3 & Owlettinet will in the front row waiting with baited beath..............
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