Webinar: IT security, inside and out

Webinar: IT security, inside and out

Summary: In an hour-long ZDNet webinar, security experts shared their own perspectives on how businesses need to protect themselves.


Mobility, the cloud, and new devices are providing security challenges for businesses of every size, not to mention the increasing sophistication of hackers. To help your business navigate through current and emerging security challenges, ZDNet brought together an expert panel for a compelling webinar on November 7.

In the session, we looked at:

  • Essential security requirements: what measures you should already have in place

  • What's changing, and how you need to react

  • Common security flaws: what could be your biggest potential areas of weakness.

The session was hosted by popular ZDNet contributor Phil Dobbie, with a panel that featured:

  • Chris Gatford, director of HackLabs. Gatford has delivered attack and penetration assessments for a wide variety of corporations and government departments. He also co-authored Network Security Assessment: From Vulnerability to Patch, and is a regular speaker on issues relating to security

  • Michael McKinnon, security advisor at AVG Australia. With more than 20 years of IT experience, McKinnon has helped many companies to improve their security and adapt to new and emerging technologies.

Topics: Security, ZDNetLive, Australia

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  • Are the ICT people still so inept?

    security concerns with consumers is a concern and will be until forced onto them.

    BUT for businesses (at least those with IT staff or consultants) should be at the forefront of security implementation.

    If the only way to learn is by slow death then so be it.

    I pray the password suggestions given about reuse will not be taken literally but to try and understand what was being advocated.. more time should have been spent on that section considering the generalised tone of the webinar.
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