Webinar: Windows 8 - love it, hate it, or 'it’s complicated'

Webinar: Windows 8 - love it, hate it, or 'it’s complicated'

Summary: In an hour-long ZDNet webinar held on May 16th at high noon, Ed Bott explored Windows 8 implementation strategies for IT decision makers.

TOPICS: Windows 8

Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8, is one of the most polarising tech products of all time. Some people love it, others hate it — and both sides have been highly vocal about it, too.

On May 16, popular ZDNet contributors Phil Dobbie and Ed Bott held a highly informative webinar that tackled the issues IT professionals need to know about Windows 8.

This webinar discussed:

  • Features you need to know about
  • How much training is needed for IT pros and other office employees
  • When is the next big update arriving?
  • Should you deploy Windows 8 now, wait for Windows 8.1, or stick with what you have?

Topic: Windows 8

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  • Windows Is Not To Be "Loved" Or "Hated"

    It's just a product. Customers will buy it if it satisfies their needs, otherwise they will reject it.

    So far the majority are tending towards rejecting it.
    • Somehow I doubt that statement.

      60 million + licenses sold as of January, market share approaching all versions of OSX combined... Hard to call that rejected.
      • Re: 60 million + licenses sold as of January

        Here it is, heading into May, and any advance on that 60 million?

        Going once, going twice...
        • Advance

          Yes it's now sixty million and one as I bought a copy last week although I don't like it and I am sending it back so maybe this will not count towards the total?
        • Just updated yesterday

          100 million licenses sold in the first six months.
          Ed Bott
          • 100 million licenses sold

            How many delivered on new PCs ... and are they returnable?
      • 60 million licenses sold means nothing

        That's not impressive since most of those licenses are sold to OEMs to push Windows 8 onto their new, refreshed product lines...that almost no one is buying.

        The true adoption rate, sans OEMs, is probably a lot lower.

        No matter how you spin it, Windows 8 is a tremendous flop. Six months since launch is plenty of time to figure that out with 99.99% certainty.
      • ....Your really asking?

        justwow...if your seriously asking then by your statement your not very up to date with tech. First those sold licenses you mention are mostly on shelves and a great many of the pro licenses were turned to downgrades back to windows 7. Next you say it is almost up to OSx which is almost non existant in the overall pciture so your arguement for how well windows 8 is doing is a number that does not reflect actual licenses in use and saying it has almost caught up to an OS not used by that many in the OS battles lol.
      • If users had choices.....

        New hardware comes with it, installed and licensed, and until everyone has the knowledge for either building or formatting and installing, their preferred OS (probably Windows 7 or XP) another license will get sold. Funny, their are no statistics for how many are pissed off Windows 8 came preinstalled, isn't it?
    • But how many users are actually using Windows 8?

      The usage share is still really low. MS 'sold 100 million licenses' to retail stores. It doesn't mean 100 million users are using Windows 8.
    • I'd bet that the majority are taking a wait-and-see attitude

      After all, if you bought a Windows 7 computer since 2009 you can take your time deciding if Windows 8 offers you anything compelling enough for you to invest. In the end, you can afford to wait until 2020, when Windows withdraws support for Windows 7.
      M Wagner
  • Ed Bott???!!!

    Ed Bott?!

    That's like turning to FOX news to evaluate whats going on in politics (FOX will always say republicans good, democrats bad). Ed is the embodiment of the word bias and is a CONSISTENT Microsoft cheerleader.

    One could not possibly get good information with Ed Bott leading the show.
    • Gee, thanks

      Maybe you should tune in. You might be surprised. Unless of course you have your mind made up already and aren't interested in annoying "facts" and "arguments."
      Ed Bott
      • dfolk2

        That poster (like so many others) have concrete minds: thoroughly mixed up and firmly set.
    • ....

      Or its like asking a democrat if Obama should be held accountable for his crimes he has been caught doing. The dems will always say he is the best and just because he has been caught committing crimes he is doing a great job. most of the left are not too smart just dreamers and living in fantasy land which made them good at dungeons and dragons lol
      • Like...

        IRS, Benghazi, PRISM? Didn't we figure those were all false scandals and/or Republican masterpieces that were only followed by Obama? Or the fact that he pushed for gun control and background checks and it was the Republicans that shot it down?

        As long as there are Republicans and what they have done, the word "scandal" can't properly be used for however Democrats screw up.
        Ehsan Irani
    • Though your comparison has some validity..

      Are you aware how many people distrust liberal news sources as well?
  • Microsoft Mail and News.

    I don't know why the Microsoft application Microsoft Mail and News, found on Windows 95 with Plus pack or in Windows 98 as default, has MORE FEATURES than the Mail application found in Windows 8. Same for all Windows 8 apps.
    • that's why they are called apps instead of applications.

      Just Kidding:) actually there should be no excuse
      Lincoln Yu
  • Well winner is a winner

    A handful people are too afraid to accept windows 8 is successful, but if they open their eyes and see what people are really using, they must feel like they have been half-minded. If windows 8 doesn't do well, it means OSX and Ubuntu will be drained down in sewer for sure. Wake up people!