Weekly recap: It's all about the tablet

Weekly recap: It's all about the tablet

Summary: Here are the top stories from ZDNet Mobile News this week gathered in one convenient spot. The tablet reigned supreme so if you missed something you can check it out here.

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This week a lot of folks will have their eyes on Apple's expected unveiling of the new iPads.

Apple isn't the only company playing with slates, and last week there was a lot of stuff happening in the tablet space. Microsoft released Windows 8.1, and it turned a good tablet that's been out for months into a great one. Lenovo augmented its tablet line with a new, small tablet that looks pretty nice. A bigger tablet of theirs got the hands-on treatment.

We covered it all and here it is in one spot for your reading pleasure.

Top 15 Android tablet apps for work and play

Android tablets have come a long way since the first, the Motorola XOOM, appeared. The right apps make them great tablets for both work and play. These 15 apps are a great way to get going.

On the brink of acceptable battery life in mobile

A perfect storm of hardware evolution and software improvement means mobile devices are lasting longer away from power outlets than ever. Many tablets can now go all day on a charge.

Lenovo Miix with keyboard folio: Hands on

Lenovo has more Windows 8 computers than most companies, and the Miix with the unique keyboard folio is aimed at those on a budget.

Lenovo unveils Miix 2: 8-inch tablet, Bay Trail, and Office for $299

The small tablet space is heating up with this 8-inch model from Lenovo that packs Bay Trail inside for a low price. This may be the small tablet to beat with full Office.

Windows 8.1: Makes the ThinkPad Tablet 2 even better

Lenovo's tablet has impressed me since buying it a while back. Having updated it to Windows 8.1, I find it even better due to Microsoft's improvements.

Topics: Mobility, Lenovo, Tablets

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  • Dell Venue Pro 8.1 / Lenovo Miix2

    I am super excited about these tablets, super cheap, runs full Windows and FREE Office 2013. After years of waiting for a perfect affordable tablet that can do it all, Venue Pro 8.1 / Lenovo Miix2 seems to be the answer.
    • Office is not free.

      It is included in the price when purchasing a tablet.

      If it was free, you would be able to get it for free without buying a tablet.
      • Either way it's a nice bonus

        for that price. While technically not free, they're essentially bundling it with the tablet for pretty minimal licensing fees.
        Sam Wagner
        • I agree that it is nice bundling

          It is hard not to occasionally get annoyed with ZD's resident troll :-)
  • Dual boot tablets

    I've seen on other sites that MS is now asking tablet manufacturers to produce dual boot tablets with W8.1 and Android. I guess that way consumers will feel more confident of getting something of value when buying a Windows tablet.
    • Yes, but...

      It can boot into 10 different OS's, but unless it can boot into iOS 6 or iOS 7, they'll always be relegated as second rate products. Especially after what Apple will debut this week.
      • Whatever

        Apple release this week, it is still gling to be restricted to iOS 7, which is a turn off for me.