Weird Tech: 12 geeky uses for technology

Weird Tech: 12 geeky uses for technology

Summary: Dream up new ways to use technology with these quirky and futuristic ideas.


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  • Prosthetic finger USB drive

    Jerry Jalava from Helsinki, Finland lost his ring finger in a motorcycle accident. He replaced it with a USB drive which can be accessed by peeling back the 'nail' to find the USB slot.

    Credit: Fun enclave

  • Underwater Isophone

    Credted by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau. Underwater telephone system.

    Credit: Fun enclave

Topics: Hardware, Emerging Tech, After Hours, DIY

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  • Ohh, fire up the MacBook

    i am ready for breakfast! No, really that one made me hungry. Where were the flaming laptop batteries? I have some mesquite wood chips and fajitas to grill up....
  • No way

    Man that is jsut liek WAY too cool. Amazing.
  • Creative

    Creative stuff.
  • Really?

    I hope this was meant to be a funny article...
  • Quick, Call Adam and Jamie!

    A few years ago, the Mythbusters cable TV show had a Thanksgiving episode in which they tested the myth that an automobile engine could be used to cook dinner while driving to the designated place to eat it. By measuring the temperature profile of various parts of the engine and drive train (catalytic converter is quite hot, for example), and with the help of a creative TV celebrity chef, they did it.

    Maybe they would be interested in computer cookery. It might take a server farm to cook Thanksgiving dinners, though.
  • A whole new meaning

    That Mac is totally fried
  • cig lighter

    People were toying with solar cigarette lighters in the 1960s, if not sooner. They used a mirror, not a lens, but were about the same size.