Weird Tech 4: Cool Keyboards

Weird Tech 4: Cool Keyboards

Summary: Bored with your keyboard? How about something Klingon or shoe - like? Some are functional, some are edible, all are worth a look.


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  • Love Hearts keyboard

    Credit: 30 Media

  • Keychain laser projection virtual keyboard

    Projects a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface.

    Credit: Hi Consumption

  • Pink sparkles

    With matching headphones and mouse.

    Credit: Sears

Topics: Hardware, After Hours

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  • very cool keyboards

    I have only seen the flexible and steampunk before, nice collection!
  • it's not "chocolate and crackers"...

    it's s'mores - graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.
    • copyright

      In guessing there's a copyright issue preventing them from calling it that.
      • Copyright on "Smores"?

        People were calling the homemade (or campsite-made) version "smores" for many years before any company started using the name for commercial snacks, so the name was and is in the public domain. Of course, the keyboard would not last long before being eaten! Talk about eating your words!
  • The shoe

    That one is awesome
  • Steampunk Keyboard

    That one looks like it comes from another age long ago. Very well done.
  • Interesting pictures but I hate these slideshows

    People at ZDNet, please, take a look at how slide shows are done on other sites. Ajax or javascript makes these things much more pleasant to view.

    This reloading the page and all the adds for each picture is not only silly but so distracting I only made it through half the pictures
  • Is the Food Centric keyboard

    dishwasher safe?
    William Farrel
  • Gold Leaf

    is less expensive than you think ONLY because gold leaf is so thin. Of course, it is also too thin to last a long time under fingers.
  • You missed the Optimus

    You can change the legends programmatically. Hideously expensive though.