Weird Tech 5: Mad Mice

Weird Tech 5: Mad Mice

Summary: We hold some strange objects in our hands when we are at our PC. Here's a selection of sleek, non-squeak mice for geeks.


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Topics: Hardware, After Hours

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  • Some of these are pretty clever.

    Any details on price or where to buy? Or are they just concept devices?
    Richard Estes
  • Looking for an old pic of a mouse prototype

    I once saw a pic of a prototype mouse made by Logitech/Dexxa in what I think is PC Mag. It was supposed to be a 3D floating mouse. The mouse itself was unusual in that it was just a thin piece of plastic but was arced from side to side, and the buttons stuck out on the sides so it was shaped almost like a T. It had 3 buttons (it predated mouse scroll wheels by years). The cordless sensor looked like a triangle but each point of the triangle had an axis sensor on it.

    If anyone can find that pic again, I owe you a beer.
  • Original Mouse?

    I remember reading that the mouse was derived from an earlier device called a trackball, which was used in some specialized systems (it had a large ball, some as large as a bowling ball, mounted inside the desk along with its circuitry, exposing about as much as a baseball), as part of Xerox's experimental "office of the future" lab at the Palo Alto Research Center (also known as PARC). The inventor just shrunk the trackball circuits to fit in a fist-sized box (ORIGINALLY A SMALL CHASSIS BOX, I believe) and the ball itself, and turned it upside down, connecting to the computer by a cable. Later they gave it its round shape, and of course, the cable coming out under the user's wrist gave it its name. I have often wondered, however, why wireless mice are not called HAMSTERS.
  • Just to be equal opportunity

    where is the female torso mouse?
    • It exist... but

      The female torso mouse is highly ridiculous with the breasts about 10 times to large and acting as the buttons.
  • Chocolate mouse? NANAIMO BAR mouse!
    Marc Erickson