What you can do with Google Glass: Gallery

What you can do with Google Glass: Gallery

Summary: Google Glass (or glasses) is almost ready to hit the streets. Just what will those people brave enough to wear the funny-looking, geeky glasses be able to do with them?


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  • (Image: Google)


    You can take videos from Google Glass at 720p resolution.

    Of course, there are warnings from Google. Some people can get either eye strain or headaches from using Google Glass, and the company advises against children under 13 wearing them, since it could harm developing vision.

    "OK, Glass, record a video."

  • (Image: Google)


    You can share what you're seeing live on Google Glass.

    "OK, Glass, hang out with [person]."

  • (Image: Google)


    Google Glass will give directions while you are driving. However, Google has warned drivers that many states have laws restricting the use of use of mobile devices while driving a motor vehicle. The company said, "pay attention to the road".

    "OK, Glass, give directions to [place]."

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  • How about

    Making my wife look better looking through thoses glasses? That would be a usefull augmented reality feature.
    • I think you want to buy

      occulus rift, not google glass
      • Or beer

        Works great, costs far less.
        William Farrel
        • Enjoying Google Glass in the mean time.

          I will enjoy mine nicely. And a lot of people will as well when they see the benefit.

          Regarding privacy concerns, ROFL, if you're with Apple you have less privacy then with Google, and they charge you for giving them that info. With MS, its worse. Then again, MS is just fading into oblivion, mistake after mistake after mistake.
  • Or just discard the glasses

    and see the world as it is.

    I'd rather see the bridge, not a picture of it.
    William Farrel
  • Another

    piece of junk that costs too much and does too little.
  • another nail in M$ and apple coffins

    more reasons to ditch proprietary software and embrace foss innovations.
    LlNUX Geek
    • What part of Google Glass is Free or Open?

      If you think Google isn't going to put a big ol' wall around this garden, you haven't been paying attention.
    • LoL, hey, what happened to you

      these days you are not lurking here that often? Is everything alright?
      Ram U
  • If...

    ...they can embed this into regular looking glasses, this might have a chance to be big. Otherwise, I do not see this being more than a niche product.
  • fun applications

    It would be fun an app to superpose naked bodies in front of real ones ;-))
  • Being on your own, you can do a lot with it. But in society it will be ...

    ... BANNED because of its intrusive, "big brother", "peeping tom" features. Also, big black area in your right eye is going to really annoy you, and you will have glaring after-effect there after wearing the glasses.

    So it is not going to be something universal.
    • "But in society it will be ... "

      That is blah, blah. I want to see how are they going to do that once is pervassive and/or implanted, like the future contact lens with screen on it or the next version of Glass that is going ot be almost like a regular prescription glasses or sunglasses.
  • "Using Google Now, modeled after Apple's Siri"????

    Dear Andy Smith, could you do a little backgroung check before writing stuff like that?
    • A better phrase?

      "Greatly influenced by" rather than "modeled after?" Just like Android and iOS. Although it is pretty much the same to me.
  • What can you do with Google Glass?

    Look like a total dweeb and a pervert all at the same time.
  • All I've gotta say is...

    I want one!! Can't wait.
  • "What you can do with Google Glass"

    ...besides get a brain tumor?
  • Directions?

    I love how image 4 is giving "directions" to drive up a cliff. :)
  • Buy this?

    Hard facts: Wearable tech is wearable, therefore, personal.

    Not everyone wears glasses. If they do, usually there is a prescription. Frames are chosen by the wearer. Come folks wear contacts (lenses, that is). Will these work under Google Glasses. What if I do not like the colors or do not want to wear shades full time?

    Can this thing be mounted on MY frames? Will it fit those pricey Gucci's or wrap-arounds?

    This is the most exciting piece of tech to come in a long time. Want it but they are expensive. So are those Gucccis.

    Meanwhile, I do not wear glasses or lenses of any kind.