Google Voice: What if Google cancels Google Voice?

Google Voice: What if Google cancels Google Voice?

Summary: As our ongoing series, The Ultimate Google Voice Guide, continues, rumors fly about the end of Google Voice. If Google Voice ends, we'll help you find substitute solutions.

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This is an unexpected update to our 14-article series on Google Voice. The rumors are circulating today that Google may either cancel Google Voice or merge the Google Voice functions into Hangouts.

Technology is always a moving target, and whether we rely on free services or services we pay for, there is always the chance a cherished service will go away. That, in fact, is one of the risks I outlined at the beginning of this series.

So here's how we'll continue. For now, we'll keep launching new articles in the series.

However, as a very active user of Google Voice, if the service goes away, I -- like millions of others -- will need a substitute solution. So, if the service goes away, this Ultimate Google Voice Guide will become the Ultimate Google Voice Replacement Guide and I'll put my attention directly into providing you alternative solutions for the Google Voice so many of us rely on today.

In the meantime, the series will continue with a new article tomorrow.

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  • I know I'll need some help

    My main number is a GV number. It rings my cell phone and, at times, other numbers. I guess I'd be willing to pay something for this service, but not a whole lot.
    Larry Seltzer
  • I sure hope not...

    So far I have resisted Google's efforts to drag me into their Google+ and Hangouts world. And if they make this change, then I too will be looking for a replacement. And unlike Larry, I'm willing to pay well for a similar or better service.

    Google has improved their apps on iDevices, but they're still often not on par with their Android equivalents. And the fact that they have NO Windows Phone or Windows 8 support whatsoever is a non-starter for me.
    • 3rd party google voice apps work fine on WP8

      if not better because of the integration of WP
  • I'm hoping for Hangouts integration ...

    on the basis that it will include more than 'just' North America ...
  • Let's play Jeopardy!

    A. The world will turn off its transponder and will never be heard from again.
    Q. What if Google cancels Google Voice?
  • Part of the reason I moved away from Google services

    Google just seems to willing to discard services into the Google Graveyard. As if they are just one large ongoing beta that has little impact on their users. It is getting hard to know what they are and are not committed to anymore.

    The new focus on dragging every kicking and screaming into Google+ and Hangouts doesn't sit well either.

    Shame as Google Voice is pretty awesome. I just wish Google would stop actively blocking GV apps on windows phone.
  • Is this really an unexpected update?

    Here's an article from November saying the same thing:

    Also, the article on 9to5google doesn't cite it's source, so at this point it's still just a rumor.

    Besides, what's so bad about being able to call people from your phone using WiFi or your data plan and have full MMS support with your Google Voice number? If Google doesn't merge Voice into Hangouts, do you really think it will ever get those features? There have been very few, quite minor updates to Voice over the years.
  • The question is not an IF ... it is a WHEN

    WHEN Google cancels Google Voice ...

    Because the service is guaranteed to be canceled in the near future because Google won't be able to monetize it without violating hundreds of wiretapping laws.
  • In a way, they already have

    Due to the announced end of support for XMPP based calling in mid-May, those of use with ObiTalk devices will be saying goodbye to being able to make and receive calls using our landline phones. I expect this will also affect VoIP apps such as Talkatone that use a Google Voice number.

    I would have been happy to pay Google to continue this functionality, but Google didn't give me the choice.
  • Bought a GVMate and Ebay'd My Obi100

    Bought a GVMate a couple of weeks ago and sold my Obi100 on Ebay. Plugged it into my old Windows XP laptop that I will probably dedicate to it when I upgrade my laptop next month. Works just fine and it was really easy to set up. Just plugged it in and signed in using the Gmail account I used with my Obi100. I like getting the caller name on my phone display that I didn't get using the Obi100.
  • What if i cared?

  • Alternatives to Google Voice

    Hi guys, for a free solution check out We are currently working on mobile applications to allow you dial out from. If you have any questions shoot me a line at
  • Google Voice Alternative

    Check out MightyCall:, we have an awesome Android, iOS and web app and provide all of the features of GV + Social Integration, Activity Management & Activity Dashboard.