What to do if you didn't buy an iPhone 5

What to do if you didn't buy an iPhone 5

Summary: Thousands are in line at Apple stores and carrier stores to buy a shiny new iPhone 5. Millions of others are anxiously awaiting the brown truck to bring their preordered iPhone 5 to their door. For those of us who aren't getting an iPhone 5 today, here are some activities to help pass the time.

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Millions ordered an iPhone 5 the minute it was possible, and those folks are now waiting for the truck to pull up with their magical new phone. Others headed out before the sun came up to stand in line at either an Apple store or some carrier retail outlet. This has caused production to grind to a halt in the real world with all of these people out of pocket.

If you aren't getting a shiny new iPhone 5 today don't fret. Your existing smartphone is still as useful today as it was yesterday. To take your mind off the fact you're not getting a new iPhone, here are some simple activities that will bring you closer to the smartphone in your pocket.

BlackBerry. While you may feel a bit removed from the tech advances you can only read about, your precious BlackBerry is still a fine smartphone. To bond anew with your phone with its great keyboard, today reach out and make contact with others like you. Start a BBM chat with your one friend who still has a BlackBerry. Your choice to forego the iPhone 5 will be validated with this simple move.

Android. There's no way you would be caught dead with an iPhone, so today is much like any other day for you. To celebrate your superior choice in mobile tech spend some quality time with your Android phone. Prove to yourself yet again how much better Jelly Bean is than anything that could ever come from Apple. That's only if your phone is one of the few that actually got a Jelly Bean update. If not, maybe today's a good time to root your phone and install a Jelly Bean custom ROM. Then get familiar with how much better it is than those fruity phones.

Windows Phone. You already know your phone is better than the iPhone, so today spend some time staring at the mesmerizing updates of the live tiles on your home screen. Those little squares never stop updating, a miracle of modern technology. Try to avoid the realization that Windows Phone 8 will be the best mobile OS on the planet, as that will only bring you down when you remember your phone won't ever get that update.

All smartphones. No matter what phone you are packing, today put it to good use to celebrate how wonderful it still is. Head out for a tour of places you've always wanted to go, and use your phone's navigation system to get you around town. This will give you quality time with your old phone, with the smug knowledge that your maps are better than those on the iPhone 5. This won't work if you have an old iPhone if you've already updated to iOS6, as you may end up going in circles.

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  • Scratch another mark in the wall...

    I've got another 6 months before my contract is up, so I'll just scratch another mark in the wall of this prison cell. This is the last time I'm buying a phone on contract and getting locked in to one carrier, one phone for 2 years! I'd rather upgrade my phone when *I want to* and forego the stupid carrier subsidy, and pay a lower rate on my plan.
    • No Lower Rate

      The downside with that theory is that you DON'T get lower rates with an unsubsidized phone - and just sayin', I've NEVER had my plan prices GO DOWN after I had paid off the ridiculous susbisdy...
  • No fretting necessary

    "If you aren't getting a shiny new iPhone 5 today don't fret."

    Okay. That was easy. What next?
    • Bust out your Windows Mango phone...

      ... and then you're reminded that you'll never get the next version of Windows Phone, just something that merely looks like the next version.
      • I get that experience with my iPhone 4

        I didn't get to upgrade to iOS 5 or iOS 6, I got to upgrade to something that merely looked like those versions.
        • Strange -

          I got iOS 5.1 on my iPhone 3G...off...anti-Apple zealot you are, never mind I will.
      • I know. My wife, no matter hard hard she may try

        isn't able to get Siri on her iPhone 4.
        William Farrel
  • And if you own a Lumia 900

    Enjoy how your Maps application actually works and laugh at all the suckers who will turn on their iPhone 5's today and drive into a swamp that is labled as a Starbucks. Ooops.
    • But...

      Will they know the difference, or will they still try to order a double Venti Frapullate?
      • LOL!

        "or will they still try to order a double Venti Frapullate"

        William Farrel
    • LOL

      LOL @ "all the suckers who will turn on their iPhone 5's today and drive into a swamp that is labled as a Starbucks."
      Hallowed are the Ori
    • I thought that Starbucks was a swamp...

      ... after all, the liquids in both places smell like and taste like... yeah.
      • I love Starbucks

        One of my favorite hangouts.
        I get a lot of work done on my MacBook Air
        • How is that possible?

          You know, with all the other customers swarming all over it, for that chance to touch such a incredible piece of future technology?
          William Farrel
  • What to do if you didn't buy an iPhone 5

    I'll just be waiting until November when the crop of Microsoft Windows Phone 8 phones become available. Until them I will continue to read the news about them. As for those waiting in line to get an iPhone, a majority don't want the phone.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • A majority???

      You and all the rest of the fruit haters can circle jerk while "the majority" ignores your lame whining about how superior you feel about being clueless.
  • live the life dude!

    Dude! James! You should check yourself! There are more things in life than a phone device!
    A good recommendation would be for those who are mad to get a new device like the iphone or whatever smartphone it is. You can’t buy happiness in a device! Check how unhappy you are that you are insulting other smartphones users! And that won’t change by changing you iphone for the new one! You are slave from a company that just wants you money! GET A REAL LIFE DUDE!!
    • You need to cut back on the caffiene.

      Way back.
      Hallowed are the Ori
  • Beyond Apple Maps

    There's more to the iPhone and iPad nav story than just iOS 6 and Apple Maps - third-party apps. Users have choices and there are some very good ones. Total Car Score recently choose five: http://www.totalcarscore.com/car-reviews/news-stories/total-car-score-names-best-iphone-5-apps-for-drivers
    • I like Angry Birds