What to expect from Apple's iPad 3G version

What to expect from Apple's iPad 3G version

Summary: The two kinds of Apple iPad look relatively identical and both include Wi-Fi, but the 3G version of the device has a few other physical differences

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

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  • The iPad 3G comes with one little accessory not included with the standard model: a glorified paperclip. This little poker tool can be used to eject the micro-SIM card embedded in the side of the iPad 3G.

  • The cellular data menu option on the iPad 3G allows you to create and manage your 3G data plan. You also have options for blocking data roaming, and viewing APN and SIM information.

  • In the US, users can subscribe to a 3G data plan directly on the iPad 3G. Credit card and cardholder information is relayed directly to AT&T, cutting out Apple as a middleman. We're yet to see the UK's options.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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