What's changed in the Windows 8.1 RTM release?

What's changed in the Windows 8.1 RTM release?

Summary: If you've been running the Windows 8.1 Preview for any length of time, you'll have to look closely to see the small but significant changes in the RTM code. Here are a few things to watch out for.

TOPICS: Windows 8

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  • And still more Help

    You won't find any animation or videos in the new Help + Tips app, only these screenshots, explanatory text, and links to online help resources.

  • The new Mail app is here!

    One of the loudest complaints about Windows 8 was its weak Mail app. The newly designed, full-featured Mail app in Windows 8 draws heavily from the Outlook.com experience and is far more full-featured than its predecessor.

  • A cleaner view of People

    The People app is part of the unified communications app, which also includes Mail and Calendar. In Windows 8.1 it gets a major overhaul to remove clutter.

Topic: Windows 8

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  • Awesome

    Can't wait to get my hands on it.
    Dreyer Smit
    • Miserable article.... Pathhetic.

      Like ummmm you forgot to include the process of how to delete windoze from the hardware and how to install Linux.

      But when you can pick up the Surface RT's for $50 a pallet full from the scrap yard - who cares!
      Wroger Wroger
      • Oh Please

        Just stop. Nobody significant uses linux. Nobody.
        • i guess you haven't been on a nuclear sub lately?

          • HA!

            Like he said, no one significant uses linux.. a nuclear sub serves no purpose anymore except to waste tax money
        • REALLY?

          Yahoo servers are Linux. Are you saying that Yahoo isn't significant?
  • Doesn't change

    the fact that the OS is just plain ugly. I don't like the flat look. I'm sticking with Windows 7 for the time being.
    • Ugly is an opinion

      It is not a fact.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Ugly may be a fact

        Just connect electrodes to the head and record the brain response to the OS. Windows 8 tiles are like windows of a previous century standard low end building - ugly, hard to look at, and depressing.

        Our World has texture, details, and structure. Things like Metro are OK on paper that has its own structure and on signs that are just tiny exceptions to the overall picture of the environment, but they cannot be all you see on screen.
        • Ugly is subjective.

          You might things tiles lack texture etc. Others will like the clean simplicity. It's subjective not fact.
        • Ugly is subjective.

          You might things tiles lack texture etc. Others will like the clean simplicity. It's subjective not fact.
        • Watching Windows 8 tiles constantly changing is disturbing.

          You don't really know what it's up to. You don't want to trust it, it's always sucking CPU for nothing, but bling.

          It's great if you want to impress people and your ego is tied into your computer, though! Sort of like the geeks on NCIS LA.
      • Figure of speech.. result is the same.

        Still no compelling reason to upgrade. Ugly or pretty, I use my computers to get work done, not click cute little blocks. Where are the productivity upgrades? What can I now do faster and more efficiently on my desktop that I can't do with Windows 7?
        • They are actually there...

          Windows 8 actually does have some technology improvements over 7.
          For whatever imbecilic reason Microsoft has chosen to downplay them in favor of the "look at the different interface" crap.
          IF you can get past the interface changes (I have disabled as much as possible) then the additional technology features are nice.
          • Sorry but I "can't" get past the UI changes

            The UI changes are why millions of Windows 7 users haven't/will not be upgrading to Windows 8. It looks a tablet OS for pre-schoolers. If I can just get past the UI? LOL. Sorry, sticking to Windows 7 until something better comes out. Maybe with the cooky Ballmer guy out the door we can get back to being serious about our operating system. Get back to the business of business. Not this ******** of trying to make the operating system "look" user friendly by using 4-bit color and square blocks that look like a lego video game.
            Still using Windows 7 right now. Will still be using Windows 7 a year from now. Thanks for caring though.
          • UI tiles

            I wonder if the 'bad' look of the plain tiles is meant to gently coerce developers over time towards including a "live tile" portion to whatever application they are distributing. I wrote a couple sidebar apps for a similar purpose and was really surprised how useful just a bit of displayed information about a process could be.

            That said, if you don't like the UI, click desktop, put your apps on the taskbar, and mostly ignore the metro-eeze.
          • I got a better idea

            If you don't like the UI don't install Windows 8 at all. If you don't like the UI and you still purchase Windows 8 you are dropping your pants for Microsoft and sending the wrong message to Microsoft. "Sure, I don't like the Windows 8 UI but I purchased your operating system anyway. What else do you thrust upon me that I have no interest in. Go ahead, I'll still purchase it like the moron that I am".
          • You don't like Windows or MS products?

            That's fine but why try to degrade others for there choice? Seems perhaps your sacred of something.
            The one thing that makes Forums UN-enjoyable is crazy Linux, Windows and Apple fanboi's, I'd recommend shutting down your Linux box and going outside to get some sunlight. Perhaps you need some Hakuna Matata time!
        • Waiting for Microsoft to announce Windows 8.1 does not need AV.

          Ahh, but only Linux does that.
    • Regardless of ugly ...

      ... it still "feels" like a toy when I use it. Many of us don't need a "toy."
      David A. Pimentel