What's the best business laptop for $2500?

What's the best business laptop for $2500?

Summary: We round up the business laptop players in the field, to find out the scores and flaws of today's mobile warriors.

TOPICS: Apple, Dell, Hardware, Toshiba

The winner is...

Each vendor has its strengths — Lenovo and Toshiba have particularly strong software suites, the former you could likely run over with your car and nothing bad would happen, while the latter's petite size and weight makes it an appealing travel laptop.

The HP hits the middle of the road nicely yet as a result doesn't seem to do anything spectacularly, and if you need OS X, well, the clear choice is the MacBook Pro 13-inch, especially with its newly enabled Exchange 2007 support (assuming your business runs on it).

But for features, price, performance and battery life, the Dell Latitude E6400 romps it in. Only its lack of fingerprint scanner really holds it back, and even that can be added for around AU$48, along with other such useful features as a backlit keyboard. While support contracts and roll-out deals will ultimately colour which laptop comes out on top, based on the machine's merits alone the Dell takes it.

(Credit: Dell)

Topics: Apple, Dell, Hardware, Toshiba

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