Who's your Mac Daddy?

Who's your Mac Daddy?

Summary: According to voting at the Urban Dictionary, it's not Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, inventors of the Macintosh.


I happened the other day to be watching a very early episode of The Big Bang Theory and heard Sheldon say: "I don't know your odds in the world as a whole, but as far as the population of this car goes, you're a veritable Mac Daddy."

Mac Daddy? Is that anything to do with Apple Macintosh? It didn't sound right.

Since this reference was outside my Mac patois, I checked the Urban Dictionary. It appears that Mac Daddy means "top pimp."

"Mac Daddy" or Mack Daddy is a term used to describe a man with an unusual power over women, and is derived from the French and later Louisiana Creole patois term "maqereau," which means "pimp." Adding "daddy" makes it mean "top pimp."

The '70s black-exploitation movie The Mack, a dramatization of the life of a street pimp, furthered the popularity of the term in urban America. This use of "mac" is quite different from the Scottish/Gaelic term "mac" (son of) used to address an unknown man.

"Freddy got five chicks on the south side alone ... he da mac daddy!"

The second meaning has more of the pimp about it.

The pimp-meister, the king of the streetwalkers, possessor of the blingest of bling-bling. The mac daddy is the man who means everything (and the only man who really means anything) to his ladies of the night.

"Oh baby--you ma mac daddy!"

Sadly, the Macintosh connection was voted down, though now that I really consider it, perhaps wisely. "They are the original mac daddies because they invented the mac."

Nooooo! Even I as a Mac-phile can't abide this meaning.

I recall a very popular Mac-only store located in the South of Market area in San Francisco back in the 1980s and early 1990s. Its name was Macadam, a 200-year-old term for a type of concrete road construction. The owner of the store didn't want to have any problem with Apple over the name and this historic moniker was solid. This was in the time before Apple squeezed out the independent Apple Specialist stores with the advance of the Apple Store retail initiative.

There can be issues from several corners with Mac-flavored brands. For example, a Mission Street sushi bar ages ago named itself MacSushi, which outside of Japan shouldn't be much of a problem, one might think. But McDonald's forced it to change its name and the bar became We Be Sushi instead.

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  • I really doubt..

    that any Gen Y or beyond would understand the wording "mac-daddy". The lesson? Time can be cruel for anyone that hangs onto it for a long ride. Simply using that term around anyone in high school today would date you immediately. You wouldn't fare much better than 'talking jive' after watching it done in the movie Airplane. Accept the generational differences. If anything overcomes those, it is the ability to maintain a degree of understood silence. How did I learn about WWII from my relatives that were there? silence. How will kids truly understand our current situation? same way. Not unlike Jazz, It's not what you say. It's what you don't say.
    • More like "peer pressure" than being merely a generational issue

      But time will be cruel to ALL. And the meaning of words, pronunciation of, spelling of, etc, change over time. Usually it's for the better, but devolution is just as possible too...
  • apple people are

    strange. You guys seriously think about this stuff?
    • macdaddy

      That's because with a mac, there's not constant problems needing attention (like other platforms) , so they tend to have way too much time on their hands. Linux people are too busy customizing and tweaking ( which is futile considering they're PC hardware which is generally 5 years behind), unless they have Unity, then they can't find it to begin with, & if it's Windows, they're WAY to busy chasing kbbs, trying to make it faster, or even work at all!
      • *snicker*

        Go to any Apple forum - screen burnin, resetting disk permissions, beach ball o' death... there aren't as many problems as Windows and for reasons we both know, but don't say Macs are some sort of utopia. I've used both platforms, and others, and each has its own set of issues.

        The "5 years behind" claim is a little outdated as well, these days... especially with Apple giving back to the open source community, since it took open source to make the core of OS X in the first place... meh.
    • Ah!

      All that stuff is probably way over your head! Why do you roam these Apple blogs by the way?
  • To nitpic, Tarmac is not concrete


    Good 'ole GB invention
  • Mc Adam

    Here's a picture of Mc Adam's tomb in Scotland:
  • Maquereau

    Yes, maquereau is French slang for pimp (usually "un maq"). A Maquereau (mackerel in English) has a bad fishy smell, hence the expression. As everything in French, un maquereau has its feminine equivalent, une maquerelle (a madam, in English).
  • The show is nowhere near as deftly written,

    with the last 2 or 3 seasons being much easier to spot faults in. Oh well, at least all the sex jokes, inane pop culture references, and jokes aimed AT the characters have gotten creepier to compensate...

    And it's funny how people watch TV shows and blindly believe everything coming out of them as being absolute truths... the Bible must be green with envy... or is that "Green with HP Envy"? Whatever...