Why did Qantas turf its CIO?

Why did Qantas turf its CIO?

Summary: This week's instalment of Patch Monday asks the question: "Why did Qantas turf its chief information officer Jamila Gordon?"


This week's instalment of Patch Monday asks the question: "Why did Qantas turf its chief information officer Jamila Gordon?"

With an increasing number of large organisations consolidating their CIO role inside of operations or even finance, it would appear that the power of the CIO is waning. Is this the end or will a resurgent CIO role appear?

We find out why Apple is involved in two ongoing court cases and why you shouldn't trust one Patch Monday host with your tax return.

Also on the show, is Victorian Police's IT department so antiquated that it is a case of "hack my book"?

And we look at the fallout from the showdown between Fake Stephen Conroy and Telstra.

Topics: Apple, CXO, Government AU, Telcos, Travel Tech, Telstra

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  • QF CIO

    What a wet unthinking article. Gordons appointment and demise ought to be seen for what it was ..... political situational placement.

    The lack of a CIO title now in the organisation has more to do with IT law (a position is made redundant not a person) than it has to do with how Qantas and by extension the Australian business community sees the role of technology leader.
  • couldn't agree more

    And what's with the comments about planes falling out of the sky because of IT failure?

    Engineering look after planes, not IT.
  • CIO and CFO in General!

    I think this is a signal for the company willingness and maturing to relign IT to corporate strategy. If it is not for the preception of CFO in general, Company should also do the same for the CFO role.
  • Software now controls aircraft!

    As an electronic systems technician I can't believe how you can say engineering look after planes in this respect! What controls most aircraft systems now? Answer - software! Who writes the code? Answer - IT Engineers! Who empolys IT Engineers? Answer the IT Departments/ Companies!!!! Remember the Air NZ crash in the Antartic? Cause, incorrect navigation programming!
  • Not so ......

    QF IT department does not write, maintain or spec software that flys planes. This is managed by the plane supplier.
  • this is a sad day

    Strategy = Information. Who better to push corporate strategy throughout an organisation and gather the information to see how it is going than the CIO? The problem is most CIOs are not afforded the power to make this happen. They who hold the purse strings (i.e. the CFO) hold the power.

    So I guess for Qantas and many other organisations the status quo of downward management by carrot dangling and upward reporting by sucking up will continue.
  • What CIO

    When ever Qantas want to chop heads, out source and make changes they bring in a woman, think Fiona Balfour.
    As soon as Jamilla started, a few heads rolled, it was her first task along with a dramatic restructure to realign IT back into the business, to make it more easier to cull people. All the IT jobs have gone to India, this started years ago.
    Jamilla must have seen the writing on the wall, especially when her CIO role was down graded by having to report to the sad CFO.