Why Hadoop is a catalyst for big data

Why Hadoop is a catalyst for big data

Summary: Katrina Montinola of Archimedes explains why Hadoop is a big deal for big data, and how her company got unexpected benefits from implementing it.

TOPICS: Big Data, TechLines

Big data remains a rapidly-maturing solution but it still lacks a lot of commercial products to package and streamline it. The technology solution that's most associated with big data is Hadoop, an open source database. 

In this two-minute video clip, Katrina from Archimedes tells how her company recently migrated their big data solution to Hadoop and talks about why they did it and one of the big unexpected benefits that they got out of it: major savings in hardware costs. 

This clip was shot as part of the bonus coverage of ZDNet's Techlines event, "Big Data Debunked – Finding the Data Signals," on October 4, 2012 in New York City.

Topics: Big Data, TechLines

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  • Bad headline

    Didn’t hear an answer why Hadoop is a big deal for big data .. or at least 1/3 ~ 1/2 cost reduction of what hardware/workload ?
    • re: Bad headline

      @Benis70 -

      The answer is buried in the full 1 hour ZDnet panel session (there is a link somewhere on this page).

      The short answer is this: Archimedes pipelined data that was output by one application into their model via an ETL process. The ETL process was a bottleneck and by replacing that step with a Hadoop application they were able to take the time to answer down significantly (the effect of loading the data faster).

      The savings are in the expense for additional hardware. This was the outcome of deploying the application in the existing cluster (not building a Hadoop silo) - this was enabled by Univa Grid Engine and its Hadoop integration. This eliminated the need to buy and operate additional servers.

      Full disclosure - I work for Univa, Archimedes' partner in this. I hope this helps to answer the question, headline aside.