Why I bought a Samsung Chromebook

Why I bought a Samsung Chromebook

Summary: I have used almost every Chromebook on the market which is why I bought a cheap one from Samsung.

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It's no secret that I find Chromebooks to be extremely useful laptops. I have come to that conclusion from actually using them, and most of them on the market at that. All of that hands-on usage led to my hitting the One-Click button on Amazon to buy the Samsung Chromebook for $249.

It's the end of the month and that means packing up test laptops to send back to the companies that sent them for review. This month the returns include the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook, the Chromebook Pixel, and the Lenovo ThinkPad T432s.

Reviews: HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook | Chromebook Pixel | ThinkPad T431s

The HP is a nice laptop for the price as you can tell from my review (link above). The Chromebook Pixel from Google is the hardest to send back as I concluded it is one of the best laptops I've ever used. The ThinkPad is a great Windows 8 laptop, but that's no surprise as most models in that venerable product line are good.

Every bit of software in Chrome OS, and every single hardware component in the Chromebook, is optimized to make using the Chrome browser the best experience it can possibly be.

With these laptops packed up to go back where they came from, I still have my MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13-inch) and the HP Envy x2. These two laptops are outstanding devices that work just fine for me in addition to the various tablets I own.

I like having devices for all the major platforms, which I now have in my hands except for a Chromebook. It helps that I really like Chromebooks and find them to be great work machines.

I have a tremendous advantage over most shoppers for a Chromebook in that I have used most of them. Unlike most Chromebook shoppers, I already know that Chrome OS is a great platform that works very well for me. As I considered each one to make my purchase decision I kept coming back to the Samsung Chromebook.

When I tested the Samsung Chromebook, I noted that performance of the ARM-based laptop was decent, and the highly portable form rivaled that of the MacBook Air. This, combined with a nice price of $249, was all I needed to get me to hit the One-Click button to purchase one from Amazon.

It will be here today and I have to admit I am excited about the purchase. Even though I've used one already, the Samsung Chromebook offers so much value for the price that I can't wait for it to get here.

I bought the Samsung that comes with wi-fi only even though a model with 3G doesn't cost that much more. While I have come to appreciate having LTE in a laptop, I am long past the days when 3G is fast enough. I'll just throw the iPad mini with LTE into a thin pocket on the gear bag for 24 hours of hotspot duty should I need it.

I must admit I was sorely tempted to buy a Chromebook Pixel, but I couldn't part with the big bucks that would require. The Pixel is a sweet laptop but when it comes down to it I can do everything on the Samsung Chromebook for a thousand dollars less. It's not like I have a shortage of gadgetry, anyway.

I like owning and using Chromebooks and this one is one of the best for the price as far as I'm concerned.

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  • Could it be?

    Because you could and have spare money to burn? ;-)
  • Got one

    Love it!
    No it's not a full PC, knew that in advance, but it's still great and does most things you could want (at home).

    Gaming or intense tasks, back to the Win8 beast!
  • best reason to buy a chromebook

    Best reason to buy one : To piss off all the ms fanboys.
    • Thank you.

      You are the first person who has told the truth about why they like these things so far.
  • I don't want a house full of redundant devices.

    I'll stick with my full blown laptop for the time being, thanks.
    I find it somewhat interesting that on one hand the bloggers are loudly proclaiming the netBook dead, yet on the other are promoting ChromeBooks. Aren't these just locked down, dumber netBooks.
    • depends how you look at it

      "Aren't these just locked down, dumber netBooks."

      there is a more clear differentiaion with these. They tend to be full size laptops, whereas netbooks were 10". I belive that size factor, along with underpowered CPUs running full windows were the downfall. They do not require any maintenence, are relatively efficent and can run better on lower hardware requirements. They essentialy cannot get viruses at this point, and would be extremetly resilliant even years down the road as popularity grows. In this case, their simplicity, not just low price like netbooks, is a great selling point.
      In my case, its not appropriate for me, just like you. But I can see it as perfect for many people.
    • Chromebooks != netbook

      A netbook does the same things as a full-powered laptop, but does them poorly.

      A Chromebook only does 80% of what people do on a laptop, but it does it exceptionally well.

      In fact, I don't use my windows desktop or my Linux laptop except for specialized uses.
  • It is spooky how these things just update thrmselves

    Right James?
    • Sort of like .....

      your posts?

      Right Toddy?
      • Sort of like .....

        You really have nothing to say.
  • Why I bought a Samsung Chromebook

    Optimizing hardware just to run a browser, that is a wasted effort of both manpower and of the hardware when its capable of so much more.
    • Speaking of wasted effort, ......

      your posts come to mind.
    • Re: Optimizing hardware just to run a browser

      It seems like overkill just to run a browser. However there is the option of installing an alternative OS
  • Why *BUY* a Chromebook...

    ...when you can simply install Linux on an old laptop (or a new one, or a sort of old one...you get the point, right)?

    At least that way you get the same (well, a heck of a lot more actually) functionality as Chrome "OS". It is hard to say OS with a straight face when paired with Chrome, but you get my point.

    I just cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would willing shell out cash for a dedicated web browser, I guess I never will understand that.
    • The simple answer for the intellectually and congnitively challenged


      Strange concept to many propeller heads, I know.
      • Ok, got it

        if someone contradicts your opinion, they are automatically propeller heads. Good to know that. Point taken.

        FYI, this is posted from Acer C7.
        Ram U
        • Back to being an idiot?

          "I just cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would willing shell out cash for a dedicated web browser, I guess I never will understand that."

          That is NOT "contradicting my opinion". That is an admitted inability to comprehend something as simple as meeting a user's needs.

          Seems like you have the same problem.
          • It seems you also have the same problem

            and your google paid properllers would take effect when you are responding on Microsoft posts here. ;-) take care
            Ram U
    • Chromebook nearly perfect in some cases

      Since virtually ALL I use my laptop for is to write in Google Docs, the Chromebook might as well have been custom made for me. It is extremely light (important), has a good keyboard (most important), and the battery last forever. Yes, I could have paid four times as much to open Google Docs on a MacBook Air. Sure I could have installed Linux on my old laptop, but then I'm back to lugging around six pounds of hardware (excruciating). I've been using it for almost a year now and it may be the best laptop purchase I've ever made. When people ask if I like it, I tell them I love it. When they ask if they should buy one, I find out first what they plan to do with it. It's definitely not for everybody, but it sure is for me.
  • We like it too - buying a second one

    I bought my daughter the Samsung Chromebook for school (high school sophomore) about six months ago. Part of the reason was that I really wanted to try a Chromebook myself. But I also knew that she and her friends were already using the full Google product suite for their school class work. For example, her journalism class writes and edits the monthly school magazine using Google Drive so that it's easy to collaborate.

    Between the spreadsheets for science and math, presentations for most classes, writing for journalism and French, email and web browsing, she is actually pretty typical of most business users who have one notebook for home and office use.

    Bottom line is that the Chromebook has been a great success. No tech support problems I have to deal with. No problems integrating into the rest of her iPhone/iPad world. No problems handling whatever entertainment (movies, music, Facebook, etc) she wants. These things will be the number one back to school purchase later this summer, unless Apple comes up with something amazing in a few weeks.