Why iPhone campaign: Apple fires 12 shots at rivals after Galaxy S4 launch

Why iPhone campaign: Apple fires 12 shots at rivals after Galaxy S4 launch

Summary: Apple has sharpened its iPhone 5 messaging in the face Samsung's new flagship device release.


What, Apple worry? Just days after Samsung launched the Galaxy S4, Apple has stepped up its marketing efforts with a list of 12 reasons why it reckons the iPhone 5 trumps any other handset.


The 'Why iPhone' page, added to Apple's site over the weekend, set out why it believes "There's iPhone. Then there's everything else", including taking pot shots at fragmentation and malware associated with Android and "large, off the shelf batteries" found in rival devices.

Among the apparent Samsung-bashing is mention of the iPhone's design and aluminium casing, made with the "precision of a finely crafted watch": likely a jab at Samsung's continued reliance on plastic at a time when others such as HTC with its latest One device have turned to full metal casing.

There's also the Retina display, which allegedly won't let users settle for anything less after trying it, while the iPhone's custom, non-removable battery is also cited as an apparent benefit, along with the formerly Samsung-made A-series chip (the rival to Samsung's Exynos 5 series chip).

Another issue Apple is hoping to make hay from is malware found on Android — something Apple's head of marketing Phil Schiller leapt on this month via his Twitter account.

The 'Why iPhone' page notes that the App Store is home to over 800,000 apps "all reviewed by Apple to guard against malware".

"Other mobile platforms have a myriad of fragmented store options, resulting in availability issues, developer frustration, and security risks," says Apple. iOS updates also download to the iPhone rather than Android, which is often distributed via the carrier.

Apple has done a better job than Google of keeping malware of the App Store, although it's worth noting most Android malware is found outside Google's official store, which it protects with its Bouncer malware app scanner.

Is the new campaign a sign that Apple is beginning to fear Samsung Galaxy's appeal with consumers? It's hard to say, but it comes at a time that the Galaxy brand reaches a level of ubiquity and recognition that no other Android device has so far. 

As ZDNet's Andrew Nusca points out, with the Galaxy S4, Samsung has managed to achieve what few other Android device makers have — a true flagship that is recognisable and carries meaning to consumers by its name alone.

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  • 1990s All Over Again

    We've seen all this history repeat itself before: Apple losing its dominant market share, even as everybody kept saying don't worry, just look how profitable it is. But now those profits are starting to decline. And in response, the company adopts more of a siege mentality, lashing out at competitors instead of concentrating on improving its products.

    Assuming we're now at the 1994 stage, there's still another couple of years to be before it seriously starts to lose money. And then Steve Jobs turns up...

    ...oh, wait.
    • Might not end the same way

      They have significantly more money now than they had before Steve Jobs came back. Even if, for argument's sake, they wound up going back to the old ways, it would probably take them much longer to burn through their current cash on hand, let alone suffer bankruptcy. Even in 1997, the year of their armistice with Microsoft, they still had more "cash, cash equivalent and short-term investments" (about $1.46 billion) than their net income loss for that year (about $1.05 billion), so they were not quite as endangered, even then, as people have come to believe.

      (This is based on their 10-K filing with the SEC in 1997-12-05. The information is available on www.sec.gov and can be searched on the site itself.)
      Third of Five
  • Lemons to lemonade

    "Other mobile platforms have a myriad of fragmented store options, resulting in availability issues, developer frustration, and security risks..."

    LOL, well that's one way of putting it. Another way of putting it is that Android doesn't tie you down to one app store, and installing applications from places other than the Google store is as easy as clicking an "Install from Other Sources" checkbox in your configuration screen.

    The checkbox is empty by default, so you have to make the conscious decision to venture beyond the confines of Google's walled garden, but I for one value that freedom. It's part of what makes Android Android.

    That said, I don't think Aplpe has anything to fear, at least in the short run. My sister recently switched from an HTC Evo to an iPhone and she's thrilled as can be. She absolutely loves the thing. As for me: my contract is up in a month and I'm eagerly waiting for the chance to upgrade to a new Android phone. I've also got an HTC Evo, and I'm just hpoing I'll be able to stay in the HTC family and upgrade to the HTC One SV. Availability is one question mark. I may have to get a Smasung Galaxy III instead. But I have no interest in abandoning Android for iOS.
  • hehe

    non innovative Apple with its iToys is scared...I don't have any problem here described with my Nexus :)
  • iOS updates

    I for one am glad that iOS updates don't download to Android devices that they just download to iPhone devices. I don't want my device to be broken.
  • Anyone remember the IBM PC ads?

    This reminds me of the various ads IBM used to run when the clones started competing with them.

    I wonder if Apple will eventually be acquired by Lenovo too :)
    • LOL, @ Lenovo buying Apple!

      Uh, Lenovo is worth $78.6 Billion dollars.

      Apple on the other hand, is the MOST valuable company on the market...with a market value of $421.3 Billion dollars. Apple has enough cash on hand to buy Lenovo and still have enough left over to buy HP as well.
      • If only they would buy HP

        Then their decline into insignificance would be that much quicker.
  • And Now............

    Nice work zdNet, just received an email from you, (obviously just summarizing the latest news)

    And what was the subject line:

    "Why Iphone........."

    Brilliant, zdNet. Was that free for Apple??????
  • RE: Apple

    Waste of money. Apple's users don't need to be reminded they are superior too everybody else. I can see why they would throw in the malware thing again. There are still plenty of people who still believe Windows users spend all day getting and fighting off malware.
    • Not just Windows malware...

      Not just malware for Windows, but so many system updates, etc (Mircosoft, Adobe, Anti-malware updates). Not to mention the horrific state of new installations, for example the 2 hours it took me to get a USB WiFi dongle to work last week.

      There is a lot of systems maintenance etc required to use Windows. I use my Mac perhaps 8 hours a day, and Windows perhaps 3 per day.
      William Donelson
      • To quote steve jobs: you are doing it wrong

        "so many system updates, etc"

        Okay, I'm with you.


        Got it, so apple never provides updates for os x. Oh wait, they do.


        Got it, so Adobe never provides updates for os x. Oh wait, they do.

        "Anti-malware updates"

        Are you manually installing each one? You are doing it wrong. Installing anti-malware updates takes exacty 0 user effort and 0 user time on Windows.

        Oh, and just in case you were under the delusion that os x didn't have malware updates, feast on this PROOF of just how wrong you are:


        "Yesterday Apple released an update to OS X that tackles the new MacDefender malware threat and its variants"

        You see, os x users have to deal with constant anti-malware updates.


        Since you are clearly lying about how much effort it takes to deal with Windows updates, I simply don't believe that it took you 2 hours to get a WiFi dongle working. You are clearly a paid apple astro-turfer.
        • To quote steve jobs: you are doing it wrong

          Hi Toddbottom3,

          I just had to join this site to say what an idiot you are.
          • Thank you for your insightful take on this issue...

            Register35, you clever and insightful response to toddbottom3 has deeply moved me. Your words were beautifully chosen, as if the English language simply bends to you will. Your firm, yet obviously emotional response, is almost poetic; it's the stuff best seller are made of. I especially enjoyed how you took absolutely no time to prepare a logical and factual response debunking toddbottom3's points, but rather chose an ad hominem attack. Truly the stuff of genius.

            An author's style reveals much about them. In toddbottom3's case, his boring, fact-based comment merely shows that he is pro-Windows and prone to a bit of exaggeration; his constant reliance on fact, however, holds him back. Your response, Register35 shows that you have broken free from the bonds of fact and have transcended into the ethereal world of emotion.

            Clearly, you have evolved far beyond the rest of us, into a special and remote corner of existence, where fanboyism and butthurt reside. May your comments continue to enlighten our limited existence.
      • This is silly on so many levels...

        "so many system updates, etc" -

        No. Automatic updates mean that maybe once a month, your computer has to be rebooted. That's about it. If it takes you any more effort than that then you are doing it wrong.

        "for example the 2 hours it took me to get a USB WiFi dongle to work last week" -

        Did your copy of windows come with a USB WiFi dongle? Mine didn't. Sounds more like user / hardware error to me.

        "There is a lot of systems maintenance etc required to use Windows" -

        Like what? Check the box during installation that says "Install updates automatically"?
      • move to North Korea then

        I don't have to change the oil in the pubic transit bus, but I still prefer my car.

        I don't have to paint an apartment but I still prefer my house.

        See where this is going?
        Daniel Howse
  • Apple advertorial

    It concerns me that here, yet again, we have a ZDNet author essentially regurgitating Apple's marketing material (corporate propaganda) unchecked. It would be nice to have some scrutiny of at least some additional insight from ZDNet authors when they are relaying information from Apple, something they seem particularly eager to do.
    Tim Acheson
  • Apple propaganda

    It concerns me that here, yet again, we have a ZDNet author essentially regurgitating Apple's marketing material (corporate propaganda) unchecked. It would be nice to have some scrutiny of at least some additional insight from ZDNet authors when they are relaying information from Apple, something they seem particularly eager to do.

    "the Retina display"

    You do realise that the Galaxy S4 has a superior display, right? Samsung’s 5-inch display has both a higher resolution and a higher pixel count (density)! And it's noticeable. Regurgitating Apple's marketing hype without checking the facts does a gross disservice to ZDNet readers who risk being being misinformed twice -- once by Apple, and then again by ZDNet.
    Tim Acheson
    • higher resolution and higher pixel count

      That is, it has more pixels. (counts for both "benefits")
      Are these pixels any good? We don't know yet. When the thing is out, we might eventually know.
      We don't trust much Samsung in this, because they already played the "higher res" card with the PenTile displays and users weren't impressed.

      People are responsible themselves for their own decisions. No need to tell them what to buy or not to buy --- except if you give the money, that is.
  • Why NOT crApple iPhone

    Why NOT iPhone

    1. Every Detail has been Considered

    - like placing the speaker on the bottom, instead of having it on the front.

    - like having one mono speaker when two could be placed on the front (top/bottom) to provide stereo sound while viewing videos.

    - like having a huge antiquated charging/syncing cable. Hey, yes, we fixed that in version 5.0. But even then we went with our own proprietary cable.

    2. Retina Display...

    - Other phones have retina display too.

    - Hey, my Galaxy Note 2 is essentially a retina display, if you count the comfortable viewing distance the larger phone is used at.

    - iPhone isn't even the top PPI dog anymore (I think HTC claims that one).

    - iPhone is 1080p resolution right? Not!!!!

    3. Battery Life

    - Well, most of my iPhone's life has to be on a charger because it almost never go me through the day. But I'm a heavy user.

    - Many rival phones far exceed Apple's stats for talk, browse and video playback time. iPhone is fairly midland in specs

    - If you need more battery time, other phones allow you to swap out the battery. iPhone...oh well.

    3. A6 processor...

    4. iPhone ultrafast wireless and LTE

    - Yes, we have LTE, we have LTE...you'd think we were the first phone to have it. Rather than the fact that our last two development cycles (iPhone 4/4S) both lacked a feature that was common in most Android phones for years.

    5. World's most popular camera

    - We can't say the best camera thanks to Nokia 920, but we can say the most popular camera. You get to say this when you have sold the most phones. It really doesn't say anything about our camera. Heck, our 3G was top selling phone and couldn't even take video. Something basic camera phones had been doing for a decade.

    6. Apps from only one source

    - Our apps are safer, we still make mistakes. But less than google.

    - But if we don't like your app, there is no way for you to get it on our phones. Nah nah...

    7. iOS the most advanced mobile OS

    - Well, probably less advanced than Android, maybe even less than Windows Phone 8.

    - But we haven't changed it much since iOS 2.0, so it's still easy for your mom to learn.

    - So advanced you can't even move your files around. Just try to copy a photo to another photo folder. Sorry, you need a PC and iTunes to do that.

    - So advanced, just try to create a contact group on your phone.


    - Eh, an enhanced version of a feature that was already on Android phones.

    - We didn't write it, we bought it and removed it from the app store

    - And it's arguable which voice recognition app is better.

    9. iCloud

    - Cloud space with limited access. Unlike Google drive you can't just move over the files you want.

    - photo streams....because, well, yeah, you already have facebook. Perhaps this would be a nice feature if you could create streams and drag and drop photos you want streamed into it. Hey, it might even work that way. But this was such a non-interesting feature for me I never bothered with it.