Why jailbreak iOS 7.1?

Why jailbreak iOS 7.1?

Summary: Apple has baked into the latest iOS releases a lot of functionality that previously was only available to those who were intrepid enough to jailbreak, but there's still a lot of cool stuff that can only be unlocked through jailbreaking.

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A question from today's Hardware 2.0 mailbox:

I used to jailbreak iOS back in the days of iOS 5 and 6, but since the release of iOS 7 and 7.1, I'm finding less and less reason to do this. Am I missing something?

It's true that Apple has baked into the latest releases a lot of features and functionality that previously were only available to those who were intrepid enough to jailbreak. Features such as the Control Center, automatic updating, and background apps which were popular reasons for jailbreaking iOS have now been added to the operating system.

But there are still a number of things that you can only achieve in iOS 7 or iOS 7.1 if you jailbreak the operating system. Here are a few things, along with the app that allows you to do it:

  • Use widgets — DashboardX
  • Change the default browser — BrowserChange
  • Change defaukt maps app — MapsOpener
  • Block ads — AdBlocker
  • Rename apps — Rename
  • Tether irrespective of carrier constraints — TetherMe
  • Multiple users — iUser
  • Better messaging experience — BiteSMS

So yes, there are many reasons why you might still want to jailbreak iOS, but as always you have to balance out the benefits that jailbreaking brings with the negatives of having to wait for a jailbreak when a new release of iOS comes out. Also, bear in mind that jailbreaking and BYOD doesn't usually mix. 

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Topics: Mobility, Apple, iOS

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  • Shortage of Apple articles this week AKH?

    Needed this non-article to hit your quota.
    • Some hackers and hobbyists actually like Apple kit

      which also means that they like UNIX. Consider these individuals as part of an iOS subculture.

      Discovering iOS vulnerabilities and creating iOS jailbreaks based on a subset of these vulnerabilities are a welcome challenge for some whilst gaining control over one's device(s) is desired by all (of the hackers and hobbyists).

      To each his (or her) own.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
  • Here's a better question for you.

    Why should one have to 'jailbreak' a device to have functionality which is already there, or could be? After paying for the device, shouldn't it be your choice what you do with it? (Within understandable constraints.) Considering the price, is it not perfectly reasonable to expect the device to function/be able to function to its full capabilities?
    • In theory

      It's not reality though is it? Ios, android, chrome have unix like/derived systems underneath and guy's that throttle them. Or windows phone - windows nt kernel, again with the limited gui experience.

      Or is it that there are advantages?
  • http://geekthem.com/ios

    New update of ios7 "ios 7.1.3" is ready to release.