Wi-Fi hotspot phone launched by Samsung

Wi-Fi hotspot phone launched by Samsung

Summary: Samsung has become the latest company to launch a dual-mode phone, which can connect over GSM or Wi-Fi

TOPICS: Hardware

Samsung has launched its first unlicensed mobile access (UMA) handset in Europe.

The SGH-P200 started shipping in Italy on Tuesday. It supports Wi-Fi as well as GSM and GPRS, so it can be used to make calls at a public hotspot, or over a home or office wireless network.

UMA devices offer a potential threat to mobile operators, as users can avoid running up mobile bills by using Wi-Fi instead — although they may have to pay for wireless access.

"UMA is a next-generation fixed-mobile convergence technology standard which allows for seamless handover between cellular networks and fixed IP networks (hotspots)," said Samsung in a statement. "Handsets with UMA technology allow free voice and data communication both in mobile and fixed modes."

However, Samsung wasn't able to say when the P200 will arrive in the UK.

Topic: Hardware

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