Wikileaks facing investigation by Australian police

Wikileaks facing investigation by Australian police

Summary: Julian Assange's site has been referred to the Australian Federal Police after it disclosed the government's list of banned websites

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said the Australian Federal Police had been asked to look into his site's publishing of the Australian government's blacklist of banned websites.

In an interview on SBS's Dateline programme on Sunday, the Australian founder of the whistle-blowing website said he had recently received a letter from senator Stephen Conroy's office informing him that the site had "been referred to the Australian Federal Police" for disclosing the blacklist in March last year and that the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) "continues to liaise with the AFP on the matter".

In the Dateline programme, Assange also revealed that immigration officials had seized his passport upon his arrival in Australia at Melbourne airport a few days ago. The passport was taken for 15 minutes before he was informed that it would be cancelled for "looking worn".

For more on this story, see AFP called to investigate Wikileaks on ZDNet Australia.

Topic: Government UK


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  • Police state.

    Wow, that is all very 'police state' like. Firstly the police are not Conroy's personal force to be used whenever he needs to cover his bad choices.
    Secondly, they seized his passport and try to cancel it? The officers concerned need to be investigated closely. Their loyalty needs to be to the law of Australia, not the random choices of individual governments. Conroy's secret censorship list was a bad choice and has been delayed in definitely.

    Are we not free to talk about this mans crappy choices like he's a dictator? What is Australia, a military dictatorship like Thailand or a free country like Canada!?
  • Answer: Its a fascist state manipulated by a corporation. Which one? probably an oil company.
    I owed a very small tax debt of $265 and the Australian Government put a travel ban on my passport. The Federal Police were notified. In other words, I was restricted from leaving the country.!! It was then I was completely convinced I now live in a fascist dictatorship.
    Penalties in Australia are severe these days. Police have started to shoot people that have no weapons and are only shouting while drunk as an offense.
    Australia is a very dangerous place with no media coverage of the truth. The media is extremely BIAS to a fascist style government and only operate to dim people's mind and treat them like criminals if they do not obey or think in a submissive way.