Will Apple sip from a champagne-gold iPhone 5S? (images)

Will Apple sip from a champagne-gold iPhone 5S? (images)

Summary: One of the latest rumors says Apple will add color to its next-generation lineup of iPhones -- champagne gold. But why?

TOPICS: iPhone, Apple

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  • iMore created its own mock-up of a gold iPhone. Most think that gold is among the easiest colors for iPhone bling.

    A gold iPhone could make a lot of sense for Apple to produce.

    (Credit: iMore)


  •  If you think that gold is a completely new color for iPhones, think again. While Apple hasn't produced one yet, tech fashion designer Stuart Hughes built an iPhone 5 that's covered in gold and studded with diamonds. It retails for a mere $15.3 million.

    Credit: stuarthughes.com


  • French Apple site Macboutic posted photos of an alleged gold-colored iPhone rear casing that shows the rough design and where the components will be places.

    Credit: Macboutic (via CNET)

Topics: iPhone, Apple

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  • Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder

    I don't and won't have one. Ugly if you ask me.

    Meanwhile, I can understand that some "markets" may like it.
    I don't expect it to be at the top of charts though. Gold earphones anyone?
    • Re: Gold earphones anyone?

      Gold is a natural color. Why not?
      • Natural Color

        do you even understand what that is?
        • lol

          Apple fans loves everything Apple .hahaha! Even if it is made of sh*t they'll all still going to queue whole night to but it.
          • Koymilk is an idiot

            It is funny to read comments like this from idiot Apple-haters.
          • But so far nothing they've turned out has been...

            as you put it... sh*t.
      • Re: Gold is a natural color. Why not?

        Gold is such a clichéd, overused colour.

        Personally I prefer silver. And by "silver", I don't mean "metallic shiny grey", I mean "silver".
        • Why?

          Silver is a mirror. Silver corrodes. Silver is HIGHLY conductive (almost as much so as gold). Silver is the natural, un-oxidized color of most metals when polished.

          Gold doesn't corrode. Few metals are naturally yellow-colored. Gold is rare. That's why gold is so expensive compared to silver.
    • No need to say anything if that's all you have to say.

      Remember what Thumper's mama used to say, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all." (Double negative a quote, remember.)
  • This is Amazing... Revolutionary!

    Aren't Apple Designers Incredible? A new color! Yet another world first! Wow.
    • See you in Court

      Another Apple patent?
  • Fools gold, its not going to last...

    iCrap is done, Carl iChan, Tim Cook, Master_Yoda and other super fools can do the final dance of doom...
    • @OwlllllllNet

      WOW who has major issues. I can hear the cuckoo chirping..!!
    • Better term

      I infuriated a dude at church a couple weeks that has steve jobs as a screen saver by telling him the correct name is "crapple" .
      • So your infantile in real life as well.

      • So you're an insufferable infant in real life as well.

  • Moo

    Holy Moses on the mountain
    High above the golden calf
    Went to get the Ten Commandments
    He's just gonna break them in half
    • Nervous Night...

      ... in Cupertino. ;)
  • Why not?

    People complain that Apple doesn't offer choices. Then when rumors come out that they will, other people complain that it makes no sense. Apple didn't always make a white iPhone. Now it is a very popular color. Maybe it will be the same with the champagne gold.
    • Apple offers choice...

      when compared to other brands. Why should Apple cannibalize even more of its own sales just to satisfy a very limited number of non-users? By offering a comprehensive but limited number of products, they don't waste money on devices that are--at best--a flash in the pan. (Just look at how all of Samsung's products drop to 2fer pricing within months for comparison.) Apple's products have staying power over nearly every competing brand in every area. Apple doesn't need to change the look of the product every few months--they give it a year or longer and work to improve the operation of it instead.

      You don't buy Apple for the huge variety of products; you buy Apple for the longevity of their products.